Two Triangular UFOs Seen over Port Hadlock

Port Hadlock, Washington – 07-05-17

I saw two distinctly triangular shaped “shadows” cross through the high clouds, about 5 minutes apart, as I was resting in the local park in the grass.

The sky was mostly blue except for one very large, high broken cloud mass that I just felt like watching as it broke apart above me. I had polarized sunglasses on and I don’t know if that made a difference, as I kept them on.

The thing I saw first was the most visible. It was a triangular shaped object that moved through the clouds: it was just behind, very quickly, and it was darker than the blue sky that was coming through the clouds.

When it had gone past the cloud formation it disappeared. It was not visible against the blue sky, just the clouds.

I continued to watch the clouds and another triangle sped past in the same direction, heading approx. north to south. Again, it was not visible in the blue sky, just behind and across the scattered clouds.

Both sightings lasted less than 3 or 4 seconds and there was no sound of aircraft noted. This is a very quiet part of the Olympic, though we do have Navy Growlers and occasional jets and light aircraft fly over. None were noted at this time.

These were high clouds and the objects had to be pretty large. The only size comparison I can come up with for this report is that they were slightly larger than the tip of my thumb, arm outstretched. I am a small woman with small hands.

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