Two Large UFOs Spotted In The Sky Over Chelmsford

A man claimed to have spotted two large UFOs in the sky above Chelmsford. The unnamed resident allegedly saw the objects over Manor Road where he resides on Monday afternoon, July 17.
According to the witness, the two UFOs were in different shapes, which were first spotted by a group of people outside the city centre. The reporting witness said he saw a small group of passersby looking up in the sky from his garden. He also looked up and saw two large objects in the air.
The UFOs were reportedly black underneath and quite big and high up. They were allegedly kind of rolling over and over in the air.
The reporting witness first thought they were giant balloons, but later realised that they should not move like the UFOs. His second thought was bits of plastic, but the UFOs were moving faster than the wind. He stated that one of the strange objects was a cylinder shape and the other one was longer. He also did not think that they were aeroplanes.
The witness rushed inside to get his camera, but when he came back outside, the UFOs had moved further away, but he still managed to get a few snaps.
The witness added that the two mysterious aerial objects appeared to be nearly linked together as they kept at around the same distance apart the entire time.
The witness watched them moved into the distance towards the cricket ground and lost sight of them.

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