Triangle UFO seen over Florida Golf Course

I wish to tell you of a sighting experienced by my friend and I. We were on a golf course at about 2:00 a.m.; fooling around, shooting guns and lighting up a few smokes. I then heard a distinct “CRACK” like the shot of a .22 except much louder and in the atmosphere.

Then we heard a fizzzzz and then a noise occurred that I couldn’t explain sort of a boom wee woo, boom wee woo, boom wee woo, and so on.

Then we saw a triangular object with four lights; 3 red, and one purplish. No computer color can duplicate it. We could tell it was a triangle because a whole bunch of very small lights appeared on the object. It was about the size of a large school bus.

Then my friend panicked, and shot at it. He missed it by far, but the lights on this ship turned into a red hue I can’t describe.

I quickly reminded my friend that this could be a UFO or military craft that would probably react hostilely to gun fire. The outside red lights began to move slowly toward the middle light. Me and my friend began to realize that this might be a weapon of some kind so we ran for our lives.

I never let my eyes off it as I ran down the road outside the golf course. Then it began to become transparent and just disappeared. Entire sighting lasted approximately 15 minutes. Please look at the attachment. I tried my best to create it on a very basic program but you’ll get the idea.

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