Huge Triangular Object Sighted in Tennessee

Witness reported that at 05:30 hours this morning he was driving home when he noted what first appeared to be a fire on a ridge nearby. As he drove, he got closer to the “fire” and realized that it was not a fire at all but a series of three reddish orange lights affixed to the bottom of a huge triangular object.

He neared an intersection and exited his car to watch the metallic craft as it approached from the north and moving directly toward him. He noted his fear and started to run from his car but realized that there was nowhere to go. As the giant object passed overhead, it blocked out all the stars and he estimated the size to be some 300 feet in length.

The bottom of the craft was somewhat illuminated from the three flame-like, symmetrical appendages on the bottom and he described what appeared to be “ribs” running across the bottom of the object.

As it passed directly overhead, he was exposed to something which seemed to reverberate through his body. He stated that he felt many sensations all at once, but no description could be found for what he actually felt. He also noted the object made a pulsating/drumming-like noise which also passed throughout his body.

The object passed him and suddenly turned west, without banking and moved behind nearby hills. At this time MUFON Tennessee has determined that the possibility exists that this witness may have been injured by this “CE-2”, or close encounter case. Witness has reported a metallic taste in his mouth today and nose bleeds. This may or may not be related to this close encounter. Update:

This preliminary report will be revised and edited as information becomes available.

Remember, this is only the preliminary findings and must be investigated fully before any determinations are made.

It should be also noted that this witness is a MUFON member and 100% honest and trustworthy.

Witness visited Shaffer for an interview. He is sick, his face and back are slightly burned, his hair is falling out. He had a nose-bleed and has a metallic taste in his mouth.

He wants to go to the emergency room but does not know what to tell them happened to him. I fear he may have been exposed to some kind of exotic radiation.

UPDATE! 10-06-04

Today DR Mel Redfern, DCH (my assistant state director for MUFON TN) and myself conducted a more in depth interview of the witness in the Oct 2nd triangle sighting case. It now appears that this is a missing time case as well, noting that the witness admitted that his watch had lost 15 minutes (at least) and that it is a fairly dependable watch prior to the event and afterwards, having never lost any time before.

The medical condition seems to have improved for now as his face and back are no longer burning like they were and his lethargic state seems to have passed. He has suffered no more nosebleeds or after effects.

The case will be ongoing until all aspects have addressed fully. Keeping you updated, Kim Shaffer MUFON TN SD and UFORA member.

thanks to MUFON member Kim Shaffer,

Director Tennessee MUFON

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