Tremendous Explosion Visible To The Naked Eye Will Change Night Sky – Astronomers Predict

A pair of stars in the constellation Cygnus will crash into each other approximately in 2022 according to a unique prediction. Stellar collisions occur about once every 10,000 years and are considered very rare celestial events.

One of the students, Daniel Van Noord, in a team of Calvin College professor Larry Molnar, contributed much to this conclusion.

When these two binary stars crash into each other, they will release a massive amount of light and energy known as a red nova, increasing the star’s brightness by ten thousand times. At that time, the star will be visible as part of the constellation Cygnus, and will add a star to the recognizable Northern Cross star pattern.

The two stars, jointly called KIC 9832227, are located 1,800 light years away from Earth.

Molnar says that this is the beginning of a story that will unfold over the next several years, and people of all levels can participate.

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