Have you seen a UFO in Lancashire?

Have you seen a UFO in Lancashire?
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Published Date: 27 June 2008By Melanie Wallwork

With sightings around the country on the up and Lancashire being one of the best places to see one, there’s never been a better time to spot a UFO.

A national newspaper reported how scores of people, including university lecturers, police and soldiers from Cardiff to Bristol, have been baffled by strange sights in the sky.

Earlier this month, the Lancashire Evening Post reported how John Gibirdi, 32, was driving along Boys Lane in Fulwood with his daughter, Claudia, eight, when they spotted an iron-shaped UFO.

And since then, readers from across Preston have been in touch to tell their own tales of unexplained aircraft.

Britain’s ‘X-Files’ reveal that more than 11,000 UFOs have been seen across the country in the last 30 years and top-secret Ministry of Defence (MoD) records will be made public in the next four years.

The first eight of 160 MoD UFO files have already been opened at the National Archives, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act and 10 years of campaigning by Dr David Clarke, researcher and lecturer.


UFO Caught on Film in Clapham, Bedfordshire, UK
UFO-Video, Clapham, Bedfordshire

Click here to see the video.Published Date: 29 June 2008

By Ben Raza

Footage shot by eagle-eyed resident after sighting in Clapham

Paranormal activity is suspected above the streets of Bedfordshire, after a UFO was caught on film in Clapham.

The group Scope-Paranormal.com has been analysing footage which was captured by an eagle-eyed resident at 9.45pm on Saturday, June 7.

It shows seven red lights moving in formation for around two-and-a-half minutes.

And the group, which covers Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, have stated a very similar incident was reported by three police officers who were travelling in a force helicopter in South Wales the same evening.

Scope-Paranormal.com spokesman, Sharon Chesterman, said: “Put together with the witness statement, we believe there was definitely something going on.

“The interesting thing is that there have been a number of similar sightings in America recently. Those also show seven red lights moving in a circle and then one drops down to create a triangle.

“A UFO is just that – an unidentified flying object. We are not claiming that there are necessarily little green men flying something on film.


UFOs ‘Spotted over Basingstoke in UK’

By Tom PeterkinLast Updated: 6:23AM BST 30/06/2008

Basingstoke has become the latest place in Britain to experience a mysterious UFO sighting.

Witnesses claim that a fleet of 12 orange objects were seen in the night sky above the Hampshire town for half an hour.

The suspected ‘extra-terrestrial’ objects were videoed by David Osborne, whose two daughters Natalie, 20, and Charlotte, 18, were also mystified by the strange phenomena.

The family had just sat down to watch ‘Independence Day’, the film about an alien invasion, when they saw the lights at 10.40 pm on Saturday.

“My adrenaline was pumping and I was trembling all over. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was amazing,” said Mr Osborne, who asked his daughters to bring him his video camera. The alleged UFOs moved across the sky, switching from a D formation, to a random pattern, to a line then a triangle before disappearing.

He said: “There were about 12 of these orange coloured spherical objects. I thought ‘Oh my God what the hell is that?’ They were changing formation in the sky for half an hour.

“They weren’t moving fast enough for a satellite and were hovering, not being blown about by the wind.”

Mr Osborne’s neighbour Debbie Bucksey said: “I thought they might be fireworks but then the lights started switching formation.”

Reg Lockyer, a trucker, said: “I thought it was absolutely a fleet of UFOs.”


UFO Spotted over Worthing-Woman Left Mystified

WORTHING woman was left mystified after spotting a UFO above her house. The woman, who has asked not to be named for fear of ridicule, lives in the Selden area of Worthing near the seafront. She was standing in her garden at around 5pm last Monday when she saw “something really very strange”.She said: “I’m certainly no fruitcake, nor a UFO spotter, and prior to this I had no interest whatsoever in UFO phenomena.

“I am a mature, rational, reasonably intelligent woman, with a professional background, and I must say I would probably not have believed it, had I had not seen it myself.

“I was chatting to a friend on my mobile phone and just casually watching the birds and the planes up above when I spotted something really very strange, much higher up than any planes.

“It was a clear bright orb, orange in colour.

“I watched it for a few minutes, trying to work out what on earth it was. It was very odd, and moving in a very unusual manner. At first, I could hardly believe what I was seeing, and thought I must be seeing things or going crazy.

“So I called a nearby neighbour to come over and look, and he and I both watched this thing for at least five minutes. He said he’d ‘never seen anything like it’.. and the odd expletive.”

“We were both transfixed. I suggested we report it, but he said ‘people will just think we’re crazy’, even though we’d both seen it clearly.

“We both tried to come up with every possible rational explanation to explain it, but neither of us could find one to explain this object.”

The sightings bear startling similarity to reports of orange lights over Hastings on the same evening.

Five per cent of British UFO sightings reported each year are unexplained.


Video of UFO over Stanmore Park in Edgware

By Tristan KirkAN Edgware woman had an other worldly experience when she spotted a unidentified flying object hovering over Stanmore Park.

Swati Singh, 40, grabbed her video camera when she saw a bright light outside the window of her house in Merlin Crescent.

She said: “If it was a helicopter, you would be able to hear it.

“But this was just hovering and there was no noise.

“There was such a bright light, and with it just hovering there, it was a bit wierd.

“Who knows what it was?”

Mrs Singh found other possible UFO sightings on the internet posted recently and sent the Harrow Times footage of the mysterious craft shot on Saturday night from her bedroom window.

Opinion remains divided on the newsdesk whether its was aliens from another planet, or a case of mistaken identity.

What do you think? Watch the video, and post your comments below.


Pilot Claims Mystery Sighting ‘May be a UFO’

A pilot today claimed strange orange lights over south Shropshire could have been a UFO.David Bemand said he was amazed to see the lights over Ludlow on Monday at about 10pm.

Mr Bemand said he was at home in Luston with his wife Michelle and a friend when he glanced out and saw the lights.

“At first I thought it was a hot air balloon, but we are reasonably familiar with what they look like. Apart from that it was too late in the evening for a balloon,” he said.

Mr Bemand, who has held a private pilot’s licence for 22 years, said it was also too orange to be a helicopter.

He added: “We went outside to have a look at it then it either went away from us directly or got smaller and disappeared.”

He suggested it could be put down to a bizarre weather phenomenon.

The sighting comes just five days after cube-shaped UFOs were spotted across the county.


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