Tourist filming out his car window on holiday left terrified when he spots a mystery, unexplained object whizzing through the sky

A TOURIST filming his car journey in the Philippines was left terrified by this box-shaped UFO shooting through the sky.

Footage captured by the stunned holidaymaker shows the mysterious object “pretending to be a cloud” next to a motorway.

Alien enthusiasts have been torn over whether there’s a simple explanation for the object or it could be evidence of extraterrestrials visiting the earth, reported the Daily Star.

YouTube channel Secureteam 10, which posted the video, claimed: “The viewer said he was on vacation in the Philippines and he was going down the road when he noticed this really strange box or rectangular shaped object.

“It looked to be sitting in a cloud, almost as if it was using the cloud for camouflage.

“He said it was dark coloured, it looked pretty big and the shape never changed.”

After changing the contrast in the footage so craft is more visible, Secureteam 10 added: “You can see exactly what he was talking about and just like he said – a strange box-shaped cloud.

“It’s almost like something pretending to be a cloud.”

Some people who commented on the YouTube video suggested it is the top of a mountain.

One said: “That box in the cloud, is the top of a volcano, with the clouds settled around it.”

But another person wrote: “It is definitely is not a cloud so what the hell is that?”

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