Did A UFO Experience Unfortunate Event In Rendlesham Forest In 1983?

U.S. Army personnel stationed close to Rendlesham in Suffolk spotted a mysterious metallic triangle in 1983.
Considered as one of the most unusual events in British history, the Rendlesham Forest Incident will be explored in a new film. Rendlesham UFO has been the subject of a government cover-up for two decades.
In 1983, a weird, metallic triangle, dripping molten metal with a large red eye-like light was observed by U.S. Army personnel stationed near Rendlesham in 1983.
Not like most of the reported UFO sightings, it was highlighted by audio recordings from senior U.S. soldiers, who also took some photos of the object they had seen.
One witness claimed to have received a binary code through telepathy but has never been deciphered.
But despite all of these, the Ministry of Defence concluded that natural phenomena were responsible after they investigated the strange incident.
This explanation has never been accepted by some soldiers involved and UFO fans.
Researcher and film director Daniel Simpson said he did investigations regarding the voice recordings before deciding to direct his fictional take on the incident.
Simpson firmly believes that USAF saw something that was not from Earth.
Witness Lt Col Charles Halt went on record to say the same thing.
Simpson said that the Rendlesham UFO Incident is one of the biggest UFO events if not the largest ever recorded along with Roswell case. It happened for 3 consecutive nights, which Simpson has believed being amplified by USAF personnel’s statements. One of them was a lieutenant colonel, who made a voice recording on a Dictaphone as the incident happened.
Retired soldier Colonel Charles Halt said that their security team saw a light that appeared similar to a large red eye, moving through the trees. According to Halt, it started to drip after a few minutes, something analogous to molten metal.
Other witnesses claimed to have experienced losing time period, seen unusual lights and heard howling noises.
Sceptics have argued that the apparent landing marks were just rabbit holes.
Several soldiers described the craft as flying saucer.
Author of the Haynes UFO Investigations Manual, Nigel Watson, said that the Rendlesham case is one of the most fascinating UFO incidents not only in Britain but the entire world. But no one offered substantial evidence to support the apparent crashes, noted Watson. It has been suspected that debris of crashed flying saucers and their alien pilots were taken away by Government retrieval teams.

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