Time Travel and UFO Connection

Chrononauts – An Evolutionary Angle
by Jeff Barris

From an evolutionary standpoint, some enthusiasts and researchers consider the notion that if today’s pop, iconic aliens really do exist, then they are likely our own descendants from many thousands of years in the future.

In this case, they may or may not still be technically extraterrestrial, if only because some of our indeterminably distant grandchildren may well be born on another planet.

People frequently put forth the idea that “visitors” or “grays” are quasi-humans with inter-dimensional maneuverability of some kind. Without entirely ruling out ideas involving alternate or additional realities, focus, however, on certain consistently purported continuities of physiological traits between them and ourselves. These suggest a relatively simple origin much closer to home – one in which time, itself, presents the only real space separating this “alien” civilization from our own.

On the subject of their having come from another star system all together, the whole “astronomical time & distance to the nearest possible source…” argument becomes moot on an evolutionarily backlit stage. Extraterrestrial hypotheses regarding humans’ own beginning are not very viable, either, considering the ever-expanding paleoanthropological evidence from our fossil record.

Despite positive likelihood of ET life somewhere, the chances of us and our first and only contacts, together, exhibiting such similar, convergent anatomical evolution seem staggeringly improbable.

These creatures are depicted as being more physically like ourselves, even, than a bat is like a bird, or a dolphin is like a shark. Examples of parallel evolution between virtually unrelated species right here on this planet pale in comparison to these aliens’ uncanny resemblance to us.

Notice the apparent succession of contour facial features from archaic Homo sapiens all the way through the so-called aliens.

Any humanoid could initially appear to have a grossly exaggerated cranium and eyes if, in actuality, the surrounding structures were considerably undersized in proportion, including reduced (in thickness, not necessarily in definition) brow ridge, cheekbones, shoulders, neck, plus especially dwarfed jaw and teeth. The cranial capacity may be little larger (if any) than our own – perhaps eluding upon first impression.

There is reason to assume that, in the future, there may be even further shrinkage of our own vestigial Cro-Magnon-like protrusions or buttresses – continuance of the going trend. This applies to the entire postmodern physique, hypothetically making us a veritable missing link in ourselves.

Although scientists speculate that humans may evolve an even larger nose to adapt to airborne pollution, it is easy to envision standardized residential air filtration of some sort becoming a vital norm in the relatively near future. In a quite typical evolutionary response to increased reliance upon man-made apparatus, the nose may gradually recede, possibly even being a consequence of subterranean or submarine living with such respiratory support.

Although environmental conditions which influence human evolution are undoubtedly different today than they were thousands of years ago, one consistent and prevalent phenomenon which began long ago is the de-evolutionary effect which intelligent advancements inevitably have upon us.

With the advent of culture, we developed clever new ways of using the things around us to protect us, assist us, and even compensate for individual shortcomings. One endowed with, for example, less fracture resistant bones could avoid or survive problems associated with such a vulnerable condition, provided some degree of personal skillfulness is used and/or empathy from others is in effect.

These usually harmless, though gradually more means-dependent traits, in turn, eventually homogenize into the available gene pool, so long as examples like the said individual typically survive and breed. Marked reductions of structural robusticity of the body are largely byproducts of social progression toward lifestyles which tend to be either safer and more forgiving, or somehow provided for along these lines.

Physiological characteristics which are no longer critical for procreation may be subject to eventual recession. This could (or has) lead to the fading of certain characteristics found desirable or convenient, despite their not being essential to actual survival or reproduction in modern environments.

Some people, even today, would be suited for a better quality of life, were they to have less fragile skeletons or stronger muscles, like were more common among our predecessors. Imagine the results of our virtually entropic condition prolonged over hundreds more generations, and then review the more compelling alien encounters.

Considering technology’s relationship with human’s current wide lack of natural selection, traits which would go sorely missed may fall prey to an almost iatrogenic genetic atrophy. Things could be punctuated as such especially after becoming debilitative or burdensome in any way.

Given possibility of time travel, hypothetical victims of this erosive dwindling due to time and dependency upon science may eventually turn back toward the relatively archaic genes of a period like ours.

Much like domesticated animals with bloodlines too far removed from nature’s more well-rounded selectivity, reintroduction of ’earlier’ genes might be healthy for them in the sense that it can help compensate for traits which have drifted (a known practice among animal breeders). If even moderately durable bone mass, for example, remains practical for accidents’ sake, this and other waning qualities might no longer be taken for granted and, instead, be greatly valued in future retrospect.

This agenda of reintroduction neatly accounts for procedures allegedly performed upon those claiming abduction, specifically tissue sampling or reproductive physiology related tampering. Also, ’primary examination’ reports have frequently included procedures eerily analogous to things such as scoliosis screenings.

Humanoid extraterrestrial visitation can seem even more far-fetched than chrononaut theories involving the stretch of time travel, especially after wrestling with the incomprehensible difficulty of the mingling of our genes with those of a genuinely unrelated extraterrestrial, as suggested in hybrid scenarios.

The term “human being” has previously defined us as highly adaptable and thus exhibiting few limiting specializations.

If there is any truth to abduction lore, however, it may be that our anatomically postmodern descendants eventually prove otherwise, requiring us to either redefine ’human’, or exclude them as such.

Humans… Among us!
by Clayton Rumley

Early in my youth, I was fascinated by UFOs and alien visitors. In grade 3 and grade 4, I would often believe that I was seeing unidentified objects in the sky (of which the majority were probably terrestrial aircraft, and one may have been a blimp, which I would’ve been less familiar with), and every few nights or so, I’d have frightening nightmares about UFOs landing in my yard, or making people “fall asleep” right where they were standing (like in so many UFO reports).

These were simply nightmares, and not repressed memories or anything of that ilk. I studied just about everything I could on the subject and wrote childish science-fiction stories about it.

As I got older, however, UFOs started to lose their charm. As I read more “not for children” accounts, UFOs changed from being strange sights in the sky to grey-skinned, big-eyed, sinister aliens, whose sole purpose seemed to be to abduct humans for bizarre sexual experiments. A skepticism that I never knew I had suddenly asserted itself.

I stopped reading about UFOs and alien abductions. Curious visitors from another planet seemed plausible to me, but not this shadow government, human-alien hybrid stuff. It just didn’t make any sense.

Later on (around the time I was thirteen), I was watching a made-for-TV movie (I can’t recall the title or the actors in it), about women who had been abducted and experimented upon all their lives only to have recalled during a hypnosis session. The non-believing psychiatrist examining them turns to a believer, based on the evidence they uncover.

Back then, the movie seemed very scary, but it inspired in me a new way of thinking. At the end of the movie, the psychiatrist and his girlfriend (one of the abductees) are discussing the alien abductions and the human-alien hybrid experiments, and asks (I’m paraphrasing here) “Why are they trying to create a new race?” To which the psychiatrist replies, “Who knows? Maybe to save an old one.”

Obviously, the “old race” the psychiatrist referred to was the “ancient” alien race in the movie. But I thought about his last statement, and came up with an idea totally revolutionary to anything I had ever heard about: What if “aliens” were really time travelling humans from the future? Amazingly, though I was sure that I couldn’t have been the only person to postulate the time travelling human hypothesis, several years passed before I was aware that others had similar ideas.

There is only one book that I’ve personally read (and own) that mirrors my suggestion: J. H. Brennan’s Time Travel: A New Perspective. For all the UFO books that I’ve read (and I’ve read quite a few, though definitely not all), I don’t recall any author ever entertaining this notion.

For the last eight years, I’ve tried to sift through all my knowledge on UFOs, and the minimal knowledge that I have of the physics of time travel, to support my hypothesis, and cast doubt on the extraterrestrial hypothesis.

And, over the years, I’ve come up with some interesting conclusions.


One of the main reasons cited against extraterrestrial involvement is the extreme distances they would have to cross in a reasonable amount of time. If “aliens” are time travelers, then no distance to cross is required.

The counter-argument to that is “if the universe is expanding, the position of the earth in the universe in 1999 is going to be greatly different than it’s position in 2004. Thus, time travelers would find themselves millions of miles off course”.

My response to that would be in the form of an analogy. Take a balloon, and imagine that it represents the universe, and the surface is the fabric of space and time. Make a dot on the balloon. This dot represents a particular point in space at a certain time (say the present). Now inflate the balloon (if the universe is expanding, you’ve just moved into the future). Not only does the mark stretch a bit; it also changes position in three-dimensional space. However, since the entire balloon stretched the same amount, that mark still refers to the exact same point on the balloon as when it was deflated.

Thus, a point in space is the exact same point in different times, even if the universe expands.

If the time travelers are using wormholes fixed in space but not in time, and the wormhole is anchored to a position in space a few miles away from the moon, then, whatever time they go to, they will always be the same distance from the moon (provided the moon hasn’t changed it’s position in the universe).


What about all the sightings of UFOs that are either (a) in space, or (b), appearing to fly off into space? I can give a couple of reasons as to why time travelers would want to do this.

Firstly, there aren’t enough people in space to witness their appearance and disappearance on a regular basis, thus allowing them to arrive and vanish undetected.

Secondly, their method of travel may employ a wormhole (which I am in favor of), and they may not wish to draw portions of our atmosphere with them to their time (for reasons concerning contamination).

And thirdly, I’m probably not up to date on all the advancements concerning our theoretical understanding of wormholes and black holes, but I’ve never read anything stating that wormholes couldn’t have gravitational pull, similar to a black hole. It may be a physical requirement (or simply, for safety’s sake), to only open wormholes in a vacuum, space being the most convenient for time travel.

Opening one on earth or in its atmosphere may cause problems.


The descriptions of “aliens”, as being grey-skinned, thin-bodied, big-headed beings definitely doesn’t sound human. But I believe it’s human enough.

Since most abduction claims involve medical experiments, one would imagine that everything on board the ship would be sterile. Also, human travelers from the future would most likely not want to expose modern-day humans to potential viruses from the future, as well as they themselves not wanting to put themselves at risk with all of our germs.

If you traveled back in time to Europe during the days of the black plague, how long do you think you, with your twentieth-century immune system, would survive?

The “alien” appearance of these time travelers may simply be contamination suits. Modern-day suits are particularly bulky, but they may evolve to be more form fitting over time as new materials are invented. The funny shaped head could just be a mask or helmet. The bulkiness of that could be attributed to some sort of virtual reality system built into those large, black view-ports that allow the “aliens” to perform medical procedure with the aid of a computer.

Interestingly enough, the movie “Fire In The Sky”, which was based on a true story (supposedly), involved an abducted individual who woke up on the alien ship, and discovered space suits that looked just like those “grey” aliens. If any of this is true, it lends credence to my hypothesis.

The reports that aliens speak without moving their mouths (generally believed to be telepathy, of which I am skeptical) may simply be a speaker system between the human’s head and helmet. Also, keep in mind that aliens didn’t always have an “alien” appearance.

Until the popular “grey” alien concept emerged into society’s consciousness, the UFOs of yesteryear often had human occupants. During the airship flap of the last few decades of the nineteenth century, several airship sightings were reported containing individuals who appeared to be, and claimed to be humans. If we are to take these reports as anything but a hoax, we must be willing to accept that these might have been time travelers from the future, having fun with some of the locals of that era.

Most of these airship sightings took place in the United States, which is important to my hypothesis later on.


Why are extraterrestrials traveling vast distances so that they can covertly abduct human beings and produce bizarre crossbreeding experiments?


If they have such a disregard for human life, why not just conquer and cage us for use later? Why would they bother forming pacts with the American government for the permission to abduct its citizens?

Now, the answers to the last two questions are generally given as follows: A UFO crashes and is retrieved by the military. The aliens, knowing that their secret is out agree to supply the military with alien technology provided that the military look the other way when they do their abductions and keep their mouths shut.

I find problems with that answer immediately. If the aliens can just “turn off” people (as is reported during abductions),

  • Why not just turn off all the military personnel, retrieve their crashed ship, and continue the experiments?
  • Why not make everyone in the military that knows the truth forget about it, just like they seem to make abductees forget about their experience?

If their goal is to do their work without interfering with the natural evolution of our planet, then they screwed up royally.

For starters, they have to give technology to the leaders of the planet (if you follow that hypothesis). Secondly, their methods of making people forget is faulty; people remember their abductions, and as a result, our very culture has been irrevocably changed by their presence.

Now, if these “aliens” are time traveling humans, things make a little more sense. Humans have a romantic fascination with doing things covertly, and I imagine that it will not change in the future, thus, the “alien” need for secrecy, etc.

As for the bizarre experiments?

I could suggest any number of reasons. Perhaps, some sort of disease has swept through humanity in the future, and mankind’s only hope is to procure untainted genetic samples from humans in the past. Maybe all the countries on Earth in the future are attempting to find a cure first and save their respective populations, thus there may be some sort of “time race” (like our “arms race”) between them, explaining why abduction is a world-wide phenomenon.

Let’s suppose that these time travelers are Americans from the future. They’d love to make a deal with their government of the past, as would the government love to make a deal with the America of the future, especially if it involved obtaining knowledge of the future. The possibilities are endless, but I believe there is only one answer to the reason behind these activities. And it’s probably something that only a select group of people from our time know.

That some people believe aliens have abducted them is not questionable. Whether or not these events take place exactly as the abductees remember them is subject to question. If, though, they are accurate recollections, I suggest that everyone consider the possibility that these “aliens” are in fact time travelling humans from the future.

A prospect, as far-fetched as it sounds, is only as far-fetched as the notion that aliens from a distant world have come here to steal sperm from men, impregnate women, and form secret pacts with our governments.


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4-th Dimensional Life Forms 

My thoughts on things of other worlds
This is just a theory that I thought up that cannot be yet disproved, so I offer it when talk of extra terrestrial life arises.

It is no mystery that there are probably other planets in the universe that can sustain human life. Scientists have examined a relatively small section of space (approximately the size of making a circle with your pointer finger and thumb and looking through it at arm’s length) and found billions of galaxies at intermittent depths. Each galaxy has billions of stars, and these stars have planets.

Even if one out of every billion planets were sufficient to sustain human life, there would be billions upon billions of such planets.

It is no secret that we are depleting natural resources to dangerous levels while increasingly populating the world. Do the math: if the world does not end, as some extremists believe, then we will be forced to look elsewhere to sustain our growing population. There are plans to colonize the moon and Mars by the middle of the next century, and who knows what technology we will develop by then, such as cold fusion to facilitate travel.

Who is to say that we cannot or will not look to the system of Alpha Centauri and beyond?

If trends continue, over time (perhaps thousands of years) we will overpopulate our nearest planetary neighbors and their moons which could feasibly sustain human life. We will be forced to expand outward in the galaxy, just as humans on this planet are believed by scientists to have branched out from somewhere in Africa.

To sum up my theory: as of now, there are no “aliens,” just empty planets waiting for us to land on and colonize. Does this mean that there are no “people” on those planets now? Or are there?

Please read on…

Here is where we take a leap of imagination. What if along with our vast advances in interstellar travel, our future generations develop time travel? That would mean that if in A.D. 4399 a scientist discovered how to manipulate time on a planet somewhere in the Orion system that he could go back to A.D. 1999 and visit his planet.


If this happened all over the universe, no matter what time (since time would be a small gap separated only by the dial set on whatever contraption is invented), there would be people on these planets now.

It is awkward to think four dimensionally, but this could happen theoretically.

This would explain “visitations” that are being reported across the world. Perhaps years down the line future humans do adapt to their environments and fit the description of extra terrestrials that are all reported to be rather scrawny (it would be a machine-labor world requiring little physical strength), large eyed and pigment-lacking (effects of little light due to possible air pollution of the future or distance of their home planet from their “sun”), having rather large heads and not orally communicating (possibly because of increased brain use).

Perhaps these humans of the future want to look at their beginnings, just as any one of us would probably like to see the first human civilization. Thus we have encounters with “aliens.” This would explain why they appear to come from other planets in spaceships: they really do.

This is a rather brief look at a theory that encompasses many ideas that exist only in theory. It makes us think and ponder what we would come up with as a people if there were no limits.

I believe that there are no real limits that we cannot overcome in time, and therefore all described here is possible.

Time Travelers from the Future
by David Anderson, Ph.D.

Our legends and folklore are filled with stories about UFO sightings and contacts with aliens from other worlds… is it possible that these stories are not about time travelers from a distant world… but instead… that they are time travelers from our own future!

In these alien sightings the creatures have many human characteristics… is it possible that they are time travelers from our own planet… visiting us from thousand of years in the future?!

History is filled with many stories and legends about visitors from time, and also of experiments in time.

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