Three UFOs Captured In Photo By Retired Airline Captain

Three apparent UFOs in the sky above the Lincolnshire city of Lincoln in England seemingly photographed by a man.
A retired airline captain, Paul Howard, allegedly took the photo of the beautiful sunset that time. While taking a picture, he did not notice the three strange objects that he captured until he reviewed it afterward.
In a report by Lincolnshire Echo, the witness did not notice anything unusual when he snapped a photo, but he was quite surprised to know he captured three saucer-like shape UFOs. He saw these three very interesting objects in the sky when he looked at the picture on his computer.
As an airline captain for over 30 years, Howard says he never encountered anything like them. He notes that the three UFOs are the first time in the sky that he could not explain, so he was quite chuffed to see them on his camera.
The three objects that he captured in his photo resemble UFOs that appear in many UFO photos. Skeptics would say that they are just reflections from ceiling lights behind him. Howard reveals that he had been inside when he took the picture. He also did not rule out the possibility that he might have unintentionally caught the reflection of the kitchen lights in the window.
While many UFOs in pictures and videos can be eventually identified, many still remain mysterious and can’t be explained by careful investigations. It is important to bring this kind of photo to attention to help people become more educated observers. Through familiarizing ordinary things, fewer everyday objects will be reported as extraterrestrials, and more attention will be given to those truly mysterious flying objects in the sky.

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