Schoharie County 1790 UFO Sighting

During a clear summer night in 1790, a settler in Schoharie County, New York saw a bright shining light in the northern sky. He was playing his fiddle while sitting on the porch. At around 9 in the evening, he noticed a bright shining light in the north sky with a great roar. He described that it grew intensely until it became brighter than the noonday sun. The resident explained that the brightness of the light would allow him to pick up pins anywhere around him.
The German colonist stated he observed what looked like a meteor passing west at around 250 yards from him and approximately 65 feet above the ground. He said that the light maintained low altitude on the other side of the hollow. The object moved above the countryside and rose above tall trees with the speed of galloping horse. When the object reached the Owelus Sowless hill (as what Indians called it), it elevated and flew over the hill. The settler stated that this was the time he lost sight of the mysterious object.
He described it as around 300 yards long with snake-like shape, except that the supposed head looked like the root of a tree plucked up by force. He further said that the shape had no neck, and its thickness was like a young bull and tapered off similar to a serpent. He said that it closely resembled a welding hot iron and sparked similar to it.
He noted the intense heat warmed his house, and it left a stench resembled a burning star or sulfur, which lingered for another day.
The witness was part of the first German settlement in the area. He swore out his statement on August 23, 1823 in the town of Carlisle. The story can be found in The Historical and Philosophical Society of the State of New York records.

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