The truth about the Illuminati and their influence on society

The Illuminati are one of the largest sources of fantasy, controversy, modern mythology, conspiracy theories and debates around the world. People had become more interested in the mysteries behind this secret group in recent decades when numerous articles started flooding the internet, talking about the Illuminati, their secret organization and ultimate plans for humanity. Marketing has done an excellent job of promoting an ‘ideology’ that has been confused as a reality by many people.
The final goal of the Illuminati is to control society in every possible way, and they are often linked to war and political conflicts around the world. Some have even connected them to terrorist attacks such as those at the Word Trade Center, and the Assassination of JFK.
Prominent figures in society like Pope Francis and singers like Beyoncé, Jay-Z among others are often said to be part of this secret group. However, actual evidence linking anyone to them has never been discovered, and most people believe information that delicate will never leak to the press. However, there are those who believe in their official goal: to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power.
But, is this secret group real? Do they actually exist and rule the world in the background while society remains unaware of their presence? Well, the so-called ‘order of the Illuminati’ was founded in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. Illuminati is the plural of Latin illuminatus, which means enlightened.
This secret group was founded by Jurist Adam Weishaupt on May 1st in Bavaria. The group’s structure was based on the orders of the Masonic iconography using many symbols for aesthetic purposes linked to the world of the occult, as the staff, the obelisk, and the “all-seeing eye.”
The Illuminati were outlawed in 1785 by Prince Karl Theodor and dissolved. However, authors such as Agustin Barruel, Nesta H. Webster, and William Guy Carr warned that the organization could have continued to operate clandestinely after its dissolution, and have participation in events like the French Revolution or the Bolshevik Revolution. Many people believe that they continue operating illegally even today, and have expanded their influence all across the world. Interestingly, modern historians have even proposed that the founding fathers of the United States of America were part of the Illuminati. Contemporary historian Mitch Horowitz believes that today, the Illuminati are just an empty place where citizens put their concerns about the actual functioning of economic and political powers which dominate in the world.
While millions of people consider that this secret group is, in fact, real, and continues to operate behind our backs, in the shadows. Moreover, there are others who firmly believe that the Illuminati are nothing more than made up stories based on a small group that was founded in the 1770’s but quickly dissolved afterward.
In the 21st century, looking back at history, we will find that the Illuminati have gained extreme popularity due to numerous novels, books and films being published and filmed based on their history.
Whether or not the Illuminati are more than just an idea created by modern society is something up for debate since evidence of their existence is nearly impossible to find.

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