UFO Photographed over Civitavecchia, Italy

Two photographic shots, of which one is of remarkable clarity, have alerted the UFO world. It happened near Rome, on the coast of Civitavecchia, a sea port. A young man was spending a few hours relaxing together with his family and taking the usual photographs to immortalize and remember those beautiful moments.

Nothing strange up to here. About 10 days later, whilst the young man was going through the photos, he noticed a strange spot right in the middle of a photograph. He decided to enlarge the picture and, to his astonishment, found that it was a real flying saucer with a dome on top.

After another 10 days or so, Dr. Angelo Carannante, the president of C.UFO.M. (Mediterranean UFOlogical Center), initiated thorough investigations, which led to the conclusion that this is a real disc-shaped UFO. The contours are very sharp, and the shape and the dome feature can be made out very precisely.

Its color is dark at the bottom and much lighter in the upper part, making it seem transparent. Inside there even seem to be silhouettes visible.

It has been defined by experts as one of the best UFO photographs of the last decades. In the photo taken immediately a few seconds before, you can see the flying saucer entering the visual field.

Whereas in the next photo of a few seconds later, the flying saucer is gone. This is obviously inexplicable behavior for man-made aircraft. On the site www.centroUFOlogicomediterraneo.it, which is also accessible through the official facebook and twitter pages, there are posted some beautiful images that make up the online videotrailer on the CUFOMTV youtube channel.

So what could it be? A bird? A balloon of particular shape that a child lost? A drone? Photoshop? In this phase of investigations, and considering the reliability of the witness, proposing conventional hypotheses seems out of of place. It is a real UFO, at least for now, even though Dr Carannante calls for the utmost caution, as ever.

UFO Photographed over Civitavecchia, Italy

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