The Triangles UFO

Over the course of the last ten years strange triangular flying craft have excited considerable speculation. Known as “Flying Triangles”, or FT’s, for short, this enigmatic phenomenon forms part of a global mystery. No more so than in the north of England which is a noted hot – spot for this type of sighting.

Typically witnesses speak of a hovering triangular shaped object usually black in colour with pulsating lights fixed to each corner of the triangle. These objects do not fit in with the pattern of any known aircraft and perform highly impressive maneuvers that again are beyond the capabilities of all known aircraft.

Most sightings occur at night, but daylight encounters are far from uncommon.

Metallic silver object.

In 1987 for instance Lancaster resident Geoffrey Kirkby observed one in broad daylight. His description speaks of a metallic silver object, triangular in shape that passed overhead with a roar unlike any aircraft he has ever heard. According to his detailed description it had no tail-plane or air intakes. It showed no evidence of wheel-housings, or wing flaps, and there was definitely no ensignia.

As a life-long plane enthusiast Kirkby feels he is on good ground for maintaining this was a completely unknown type of aircraft. Baffled, he immediately set about sketching a drawing of the craft which he says was closely

tracked by an Air Force fighter plane.

Carnforth Triangle.

Sightings of a similar shaped object in what has become known as The Carnforth Triangle are frequent in the area. Usually these occur at night over Morecambe Bay. One member of a local UFO society told of a large triangular craft performing highly complex maneuvers as it was closely tracked by an unmarked helicopter.

In June 1997 there were two sightings of a Flying Triangle on the very same day. At approximately 11.45 pm on the 1st of June, the Seel family were driving home from a holiday in Wales when they noticed strange lights hovering above the M 56 motorway near Stockport. These pulsating red and blue lights were fixed to each corner of a triangular shaped object, around 150 feet in length. The family were horrified when the craft suddenly swooped directly above their car – a proximity that allowed them to notice “a light coloured dome” fixed to the centre of the craft which was periodically swathed in glowing lights.

The Liverpool Encounter.

Earlier the same day two pilots flying a private single engine plane near Liverpool were shocked to see the enormous shadow of a triangular shaped object reflected on the ground. Fearful of a collision they scanned the clear blue sky for signs of other aircraft, but saw nothing. Despite this the enormous shadow continued to pace them until disappearing from sight.

Merseyside In England is an environment rich area for such sightings. In July 1996 the resident of a luxury flat on the Wirral was astonished to witness a triangular shaped craft apparently rise from the River Mersey, before disappearing at great speed.

Busy Month.

November of that same year was a particularly active month. On the eighth of that month two independent witnesses reported a triangular shaped object hovering over the River Mersey for at least half an hour. They described it as emitting flashing yellow lights and streaks of lightning that enveloped the entire aircraft.

Just a week later – and again on Merseyside – at least five witnesses reported seeing a fifty foot triangular craft hovering in the sky. Meanwhile two local boys claimed to have witnessed “a solid black triangle” that appeared through the clouds. They could see what they described as ‘pipes’ on the underside, which also tallied with other reports from the same area.

Another eye witness account from the Wirral comes from Garth Crisshore.

In his own words: ” We had walked round to my friend’s house when we spotted a large black triangle moving at a steady pace. There was a bright light in each corner, and four smaller lights down the middle of the craft.”

Worldwide phenomena.

Although many of the best reported cases of black triangles come from the north of England, this is definitely a worldwide phenomenon. America has its fair share of sightings and on the other side of the world Australian police tracked and photographed a Flying Triangle for at least fourty minutes. Said one observer: “The police have always thought that only fruitcakes saw such things, it appears that they now hold another opinion.”


Explanations for the Flying Triangle enigma naturally focus’s on extraterrestrial involvement. Many however believe otherwise. They see the mystery in terms of a secret prototype of an aircraft still under development. For instance Merseyside where many sightings occur is close to Warton – a top secret aircraft establishment near Preston in Lancashire. Black Triangles have also been linked with the development of a new generation of Strategic Reconnaissance aircraft – the rumoured Aurora project – which is shrouded under veils of secrecy.

Whatever the explanation there seems one certainty – that mysterious black triangles will continue to excite speculation for some time to come.

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