The Mars and Earth Connection


A simple translation from German to English  
One day in summer 1994, I accidentally got a book in my hands, written by the author Johannes von Buttlar, about the FACE on MARS. My first opinion was, that this is nonsense, quiet impossible. But when I saw the first picture of that FACE, I changed my opinion because it was of such an anatomical perfection that it could not have been formed naturally.

My ideas of the connection between EARTH and MARS originated out from the following considerations:
1. In Cydonia there not only is existing the FACE – like structure, but others too. 
2. The regularity in their geometry indicates to an artificial origination. The structures in their totality seem to give a message to their observer. 
3. The works Richard C. Hoagland and Dr. Mark Carlotto have proved that in my eyes. So we have to clarify who the builders were and what were the reasons of their origination. There are three theories about that. One is, that a former mankind must have built the structures. The hypothesis which is following out from this is, that mankind must be older than we believe today. Hoagland in his book “The Monuments on MARS” supposed that there was a connection between EARTH and MARS in past of mankind. 
4. Because there are pyramids on EARTH and appear to be on MARS as well; it could be possible that both sets of pyramids originate from the same source. This was the first indication to the connection between Giza and Cydonia
5. The second and probably the most important one came from the orientalist Zecharia Sitchin. In his book “The 12th. Planet” he has written about, that the Sumerians have known about the existence of all the planets inside the solar system. Their names always described real properties of the planets, which were confirmed by our spacecrafts today. When the names of, for example, the outer planets are correct descriptions of their real properties, so the names of MARS as A.PIN (=there, where to set a correct course) and LACH.MU =(God of destruction) must be correct too. 
6. So I studied the monuments to find any indications to prove these names. One of the results is that it is possible to calculate the orbit data of planet EARTH with the help of the monuments of Cydonia. 
7. The Sumerian Epic of Creation and the Egyptian myth of OSIRIS are nearly complete identical. Both they are describing the same story of the origination of the solar system and the mankind in connection with the destruction of a former planet which became a risk for EARTH and MARS. 
8. Out of this follows, that the Egyptian God HORUS is identical with planet MARS. And that means, that all the Gods inside of the myth are celestial bodies. In the same way as in the Epic of Creation. So this myth describes a very special cosmical event. 
9. So it was possible to equate the structures of Cydonia with the Gods of this myths. The alignments and the distances of all the structures makes it possible to interpret the structures as a pictorial representation of the cosmical event what is described by the myth of OSIRIS: The fight between HORUS = MARS and SETH = D & M PYRAMID. And the origination of the FLAMING EYE OF HORUS therefrom. 
10. Ancient Egyptian texts speak about the Pyramids of Giza as models of the most important parts of heaven and simultaneous they have a reference above their names to both the most important actors of the myth of OSIRIS. These are HORUS and SETH. Out from the combination of that and the idea, that HORUS and MARS are celestial bodies whereby HORUS is MARS the connection between EARTH and MARS originates from. In addition to that I found out, that the combination of all the original measurements of the Pyramids of Giza are an exact image of the polar circumferences of EARTH and MARS. One of the results for the model of MARS especially is circumference of 40,87° latitude, the position of the D & M. So the Pyramids are a giant indication to find the 40,87° latitude on planet MARS.

Embedded in both Ancient Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian mythology is the “tale” of a stray comet that destroys a planet. 

The Ancient Sumerians have the Legend MARDUK and TIAMAT and the Ancient Egyptians have OSIRIS and SETH

TIAMAT / OSIRIS are the names for the former planet between MARS and JUPITER. MARDUK / SETH is the comet described by these ancient legends that destroyed on impact TIAMAT / OSIRIS, the ancient planet of our solar system. 

Billions of years ago, a former planet we call TIAMAT / OSIRIS was completely destroyed by the comet = MARDUK / SETH. The fragments of the shattered planet TIAMAT / OSIRIS along with comet MARDUK / SETH crossed the orbits of the inner planets i n cyclical periods. There presence became a great danger to the remaining planets of our solar system. In a time, after millions of years, the remaining fragments of planet TIAMAT, together with fragments of SETH smashed down onto MARS = HORUS / A.PIN (The reference word A.PIN is according to Zecharia Sitchin, one of the two ancient Sumerian names for planet MARS. The name A.PIN means: THE PLACE, WHERE TO SET A CORRECT COURSE) . 

So parts of MARS were thrown out, off the planet, by the shock-waves of this impact. 

These parts of HORUS became the “Flaming Eye of Horus”. 

Then, 60 to 65 million. of years ago these fragments smashed down onto EARTH and destroyed the first of mankind. But not all. Some of them escaped to planet MARS. 

There they built up the Monuments as a giant pictorial representation of this event. 

As a gigantic warning to mankind. 

500,000 years ago the humans from planet MARS returned to the survivors of the mankind of planet EARTH as the “Gods falling down from the heaven” , known as the Anunnaki. As Gods they told the humans from EARTH about the events in the past. But packed into myths. 

They formed a new mankind, as a lot of world myths say. 

Then about 12.500 years ago another cosmical catastrophe must have happened. Either more fragments of planet TIAMAT or probably fragments of “The Flaming Eye” of HORUS smashed down onto EARTH. 

This one was the mechanism of the great flood in our past. In that time the the Pyramids of Giza must have been built as a sign to the monuments on planet MARS and a marker of the year the world has been originated new after the destruction by the great flood. 

So the Pyramids became the Horoscope of the Birth of the World and simultaneous to that they are alignment to the Pyramids on MARS, which are speaking from the first catastrophe 60 – 65 millions of years before. Both the Monuments on EARTH and on MARS are written in the same cosmical signpost. Out of that the connection between MARS and EARTH is originated.

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