The Comeback of Unimpeachable UFO Witness 35 Years After

Colonel Charles Halt, the famous UFO saga comes back to Suffolk to tell the story. A former US air force commander, depicted as an “unimpeachable” witness recognized worldwide as the ‘Rendlesham UFO incident’, comes back to Suffolk 35 years after. Halt’s first sighting was in the early hours of December 26, in which Halt is not involved. In the first hours of December 28, 1980, second sighting of the Rendlesham Forest UFO was reported. He will be flying back to Suffolk next back to address the local public with regards to its happenings.
While serving as a Deputy Commander, he prepared a memorandum to the Ministry of Defense telling “unexplained lights”. He also recorded the Halt Tape, which is a documented investigation in the forest which Halt saw strange lights during that time, like those witnessed by John Burroughs and Jim Penniston two nights earlier. He signed an affidavit to claim his encounter as an extraterrestrial matter and had been covered up by the government in 2010. At Woodbridge Community Hall on July 11, a conference has been organized by Dawn Holloway and John Hanson, authors of UFO books entitled Haunted Skies.
According to Mr Hanson, the Rendlesham incident is the most controversial in history. In fact, all the people involved have created their versions. Being an unimpeachable UFO witness, he never came back to speak locally. Fortunately, the comeback was confirmed, and it is great news for everyone who want to know more about the incident. Nick Pope said that he met Colonel Halt many times. He described Colonel as a man of integrity and is an unimpeachable witness. The incident in Rendlesham Forest is the world’s most compelling sightings. The conference will be preceded from 5pm-7pm by a book fair, including a ‘meet and greet’ with Mrs Butler, Mr Hanson and David Bryant.

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