Strange UFO Sighting and Experience in 1665: Fact or Myth?

There has always been a clash in what we see and what we believe. After all, it is about how people perceive it. People have heard of unidentified flying objects. In fact, a lot of people even claim to have seen such spaceships from the alien world, which some people have never seen. The important question is, do they exist? Or are they just a part of our imagination? Deep research revealed something that proved theexistence of the world. Around 2 pm on April 8, 1665, fishermen anchored near Barhöfft reported seeing mysterious ships in the sky,battling with each other. Once done, a dark object is seen hovering in the sky.
According to the witnesses, they saw a flatrounded plate that appears asan enormous hat of a man. The color is described as the darkening moon hovering over St. Nicolai’s church. Until the evening, it remained stationary. Worried and apprehensive, they didn’t want to look further. In the next days, they experiencedpain and trembling heads and limbs. Erasmus Francisci Francisci gathered several1665 news reports related to the event and concluded that lots of scholarly people have thought about that. But, the “scholarly people” could not distinguish the causes. TheEdgeScience magazine in the June 2015 edition, Martin Shough and Chris Aubeckdetail their investigations.
Was it a Mirage?
The 1665 incident was higher in the sky than a Fata Morgana. Furthermore, there is also no substantial proof that mirage would remain in the evening sinceitcannot remain stable for so long.
Was it a Flock of Birds?
Due to the large differences examined by Aubeck and Shough, a flock of birds cannot be associated with the dark object that stayed until nightfall. For the last question, is there a possibility of the existence of the two unusual phenomena occurred at once? Battling with each other on the first scene and producing mysterious object hovering in the sky?

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