The Chinese Air force’s most captivating close-encounter with a UFO

Dogfights are the most common out-come when the military comes face-to-face with an unknown flying object.
Russia and the United States have dozens of these UFO dogfights and this time China reveals one of the rare close-encounters with the unknown.
Hebei Daily – a military controlled newspaper in Shanghai, China – wrote in the news digest Baokan Wenzhai the detailed account of the aerial dogfight between a Chinese Air force pilot and an unknown flying object.
It happened on the autumn of October 19, 1998 when four radars stationed in northern Hebei province detected an unknown object flying in restricted airspace, directly above military flight training facility near Changzhou City. At least 140 people inside and outside the military installation witnessed the UFO sighting. The unidentified object first appeared like a tiny star, and it grew larger and much larger as it descends into lower altitudes.
As soon as the radar detected the unidentified flying object, Mr. Li – the base commander immediately reported the sighting to higher military officials who ordered one armed Jianjiao-6 jet fighter to intercept the unknown object. The jet plane got close no more than 4,000 meters, but they were able to observe and see the strongest attributes of the UFO. One of the pilots described the scenery as if it was among those Hollywood sci-fi movies. They described the UFO as one astronomical object that has a mushroom-shaped dome on its top. The objects bottom parts were covered with bright rotating lights. All of a sudden the large object shoots itself upward as if the gravity has no effect on the objects large body. The pilots tried to get close several times, but as they get closer to the object, it just burst into speed and easily outrun them and then reappear again just a few thousand meters above their jet fighter. The pilots asked to open fire and shoot down the UFO with an onboard cannon, but the command tower denied their request. Eventually, the Chinese jet fighter ran out of fuel and was compelled to return to base. The last sighting of the UFO was in an altitude of 12,000 meters. It disappeared before another set of hi-tech jet fighters could get on the air.
The aerial dogfight that happened inside Chinese territory is one of the most remarkable close encounters that the Chinese Air force had in the recent years. Both the sighting and the experience with the unknown is truly a once in a lifetime event and it the most fascinating glimpse they have with the unknown.

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