Series of Crop Circle Appearances In Totnes and Dartington

A series of crop circles recently appeared in fields across Totness and Dartington. In South Devon, five circles mysteriously appeared in three neighbouring farms, which was the first time since the 1990s.
A farmer resident in Totnes reported a crop circle on July 18. It was around 25 feet in diameter, which can be seen from the A381 Totnes to Newton Abbot Road and from Paignton to Bridgetown Hill A385.
On July 28, the next three crop circles were reported in Dartington. Two of them measured 15 feet and one measured 25 feet at the opposite end.
UFO researcher Abbie Dent, who has studied the growth of crops, said they discovered anomalies in some crop circle formations, such as the crop was bent down in a manner not possible with stomping board and presence strong energies on and around the circles.
The fifth crop circle appeared on a private Plymouth field, also measuring 25 feet in diameter. Abbie said that they detected several anomalies, but would like to investigate further before jumping to any conclusions on the formation’s identity.
Abbie said that they would like to know the behaviour of the plant with the damage and detect if the plant has alchemical changes, which have been found in some mysterious formations.
There’s no scientific evidence yet to explain how “non-manmade formations” were formed. One theory is that the circles were formed by a plasma vortex of unknown origin, spiralling to the ground from the sky. However, solid explanation is yet to be determined.

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