Ten Best UFO Hotspots In the World

There have been a lot of reports regarding UFO sightings by people around the world. They have been recorded in myths, history books, traditions and legends for thousands of years. Just like anything else in this world, there are selected places on UFO sightings that are known to be popular.
Mexico: It was reported in 1991 that there was strange aircraft hovering in the sky. In January this year, it was again reported that there was a horse-shaped UFO hovering near Colima volcano.
Russia’s M Triangle: UFO enthusiasts believe that M Triangle, which is located nearby the Ural Mountains, is the best UFO hotspot in the country. Locals have reported weird symbols, translucent beings considered to be aliens and strange lights.
UK’s Warminster: The Stonehenge Neolithic structures situated in the region have UFO sightings and strange sounds.
UK’s Welsh Triangle: Some UFO sightings have been seen in Welsh Triangle. The children saw UFO in a field while in their school. They were asked to draw, and the images were similar.
South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach: Many locals have claimed to have seen spaceships. In 2011, a business owner saw a strange orb in the sky. Just last month, two separate UFO sightings were reported.
Scotland’s Bonnybridge: A person reported to have seen odd lights that formed triangular shapes.
Chile: In 2010, one person spotted a UFO, which moved at a speed of 4,000 miles per hour, was seen during an acrobatic air show. On April 2013, miners captured a UFO flying about 14,000 feet above the sea level. The government reported neither a silver disc-like object, which later confirmed that it was neither man-made object nor a weather phenomenon.
Canada: In 2011, there were about 986 UFO sightings being reported. In 2012, the figure doubled to 1,981. The reports are usually lights in the sky.
Texas: In 2008, twelve residents reported a UFO flying in the air. It has a bright light that moved at incredible speed.
California’s Pacific Coast Highway: UFO sighting have been reported almost regularly along the Pacific Coast Highway.
Since World War II, UFO sightings were reported by thousands of people. But still existing in this modern era.

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