Aliens Are in the Size of Polar Bears, If They Exist

Whether humans are alone or if there are other living creatures existing in this universe, scientists have not stopped from trying to figure out how much aliens weigh or how tall they are. If you do not have a picture in your head of what an alien should look like, it’s probably a vague humanoid creature. Your imagination could be wrong. One great scientist believes that aliens can be enormous as in the size of a polar bear, a 650-pound creature.
The science came up for comparison due to the alien theory by Cosmologist Fergus Simpson. Mr. Simpson believes that the species of the animal kingdom are physically larger and possess a lower population density due to their enhanced demands of energy. As a consequence, it is expected that humans are physically smaller than these advanced species. The enormous alien theory of Simpson has an assumption that aliens if they exist, will conserve energy same goes to earthlings. Furthermore, the small animals outnumbered the giant ones because they spend less energy.
A formula that calculates Aliens may be the size of POLAR BEARS at a mass of 650lbs.
When it comes to habitable planets, Simpson theorized that the Earth is the exception. When you continue the assumption that sustainable locations are less packed, it’s increasingly possible that a particular planet’s life-forms are allowed to grow than humans. Take note that their size should not fool you. This is not to say that because these aliens have physically larger brains, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are smarter.

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