Sphere-shaped Lights Seen over Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, Arizona – 06-16-17

Shape: Sphere – Duration: 3 minutes

Low altitude lights over Mesa, AZ, appearing, then disappearing after a short flight in tandem.

At approximately 9:00PM, I was in my backyard attending to my BBQ. From the corner of my eye I saw a extremely bright flash that lit up the entire neighborhood.

I looked and thought for a second someone had shot off those massive fireworks. Two extremely bright red glowing balls of light were now sitting in its place, silent.

As I pulled my phone from my pocket to get a video they started to move together eastbound. They remained extremely bright red, almost like a hot air balloon. They move together in tandem at approximately 80 knots at an altitude of 3,000msl.

No position light or anti-collision lighting was observed.

As they moved east the one at the rear disappeared completely. The one in the leading position continued until it flashed a number of times then disappeared. The video does not do justice, these objects were incredibly bright casting a red hue over the ground as they moved.

I am a professional pilot and know just about everything fixed wing and rotor craft display at night. These were completely silent.

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