Sphere Of Light Sighting Video Over Central Coast Baffles Witnesses and Experts

A brief sighting in the sky left teenager Josh Elton and his family in Gorokan in the Central Coast baffled. According to 15-year-old Josh, they were just sitting on the lounge at around 7:30 last Thursday night when he and his younger brother saw what they initially thought a plane flying very low.
Josh said that the mysterious aerial object was swerving all around as Josh and his family looked out to San Remo. Josh thought that it was going to crash.
His mother thought it might have been a meteor, but no news something about it hitting the Central Coast.
Josh managed to get his iPad and used it to get a video of their encounter. He captured a 12-second video of the UFO.
Josh said that his friends and neighbours were equally stumped to the spherical, luminous object when he showed the brief video to them.
UFO sightings expert Dominic McNamara took a closer look at the video. McNamara, a senior member of the UFO and Paranormal Research Society of Australia, said that flashing lights regularly appear at a slower frequency, but sometimes appear to be a revolving object.
McNamara said that the UFO seems to change course slightly toward the left camera as it about to disappear. He was basing his analysis on vector diagram and measurement.
McNamara concluded that it was impossible to identify the object and no other report about it. He is planning to examine the video further. He also revealed that they are trying to search for other accounts in the area.
The last UFO sighting reported from the Central Coast happened in July 2013 when a hobby photographer Drew Ryan snapped images and extensive video footage of a large UFO above Empire Bay.

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