DNA Results For The Elongated Skulls Of Paracas: Part 2 Of 4: La Oroya

Brien Foerster continues his journey to uncover the mysteries and fascinating details behind the famous Paracas Skulls.
Now, he and his team bring us more fascinating details about the Paracas Skulls as new results of DNA tests have arrived in their report The Elongated Skulls Of Paracas: Part 2 Of 4: La Oroya.
In Part 1, Brien Foerster explains that the DNA tests of the Baby Paracas who died nearly 2,000 years ago revealed fascinating details indicating it belonged to the haplogroup U2e1.
This typical group is found in proto-Germanic and proto-Balto-Slavic people, meaning that those ancestors did not walk across the Bering Bridge as many researchers suggest. In fact, these results have raised more question than they have provided answers for.
The second Paracas skull submitted to tests remained in a private collection in the United States and was taken out of Peru by an American physician sometime during the 1930’s explains Brien Foerster in his article.
The Paracas skull was salvaged from the country before Peru’s government decided to ban exports of pre-Colombian materials.
The skull was obtained from an area referred to La Oroya, located east of Lima. However, Brien Foerster explains that its origins are unknown. According to tests, it is estimated to have died some 850 years ago.

It turns out that broader T2 haplogroup can be found in Europeans and some areas in the Middle East, but not in Eastern Asia. This is noteworthy because researchers have now DNA from 2 different ancient Peruvian people whose ancestry is proven to come at least in part from Europe and much before the Spaniards arrived in the 1500’s.

These fascinating details prove once again that mainstream history is incomplete and that there are many more details waiting to be uncovered.
Brien Foerster further explains that specifically haplogroup T2b can be traced today to the isles of Britain, some Baltic countries and certain parts of Scandinavia.

This means that the history of human migration to South America needs to be urgently revised and rewritten.
Brien Foerster promises more fascinating details in the next to DNA updates that are yet to come.
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