SPACE BASE ‘Alien base with a five MILE tower’ spotted on massive Mercury crater ‘could be giant space caravan’

Motorhome for thousands of alien lifeforms’ seen in grainy NASA snaps hailed as ‘undeniable evidence’

A MASSIVE «five mile-tall tower» spotted on Mercury could be some form of extraterrestrial caravan, an alien hunter has claimed.

Scott C Waring of alien blog UFO Sightings Daily said he noticed what he believes to be the huge structure and another building on the distant planet.

NASA photos from the Messenger spacecraft provided what Scott calls undeniable proof of advanced alien life in our solar system.

Analysing the grainy snaps of the Basho crater, Scott said he could make out a “long building” and “large, dark tower”.

He added: “[The buildi

The Basho crater is 47 miles wide, meaning by Scott’s calculations that the tower is roughly five miles tall.

Guessing as to what the tower could be, he said it appeared to be mobile — meaning it may be some form of caravan for thousands of alien life forms.

“It looks like it could move from place to place – like a motorhome style of living – but could be in this location for mining», Scott said.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun in our solar system, making it the hottest with a maximum surface temperature of nearly 500°C.

Grainy snaps of crater on Mercury were taken by a NASA spacecraft
Grainy snaps of crater on Mercury were taken by a NASA spacecraftCredit: NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington
«The evidence is mounting up day by day», Scott continued.

«Soon an avalanche of evidence will be falling upon NASA forcing them to tell the truth … that intelligent extraterrestrials do exist».

Other alien hunters who have viewed the photographs believe the crater itself may be an alien construction.

ng] really stood out and it was build on the edge of the crater wall.»




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