Several People Reportedly Witness a UFO Above Capua Town In Caserta, Italy

Dozens of witnesses have seen a UFO above the Capua town, and a group of friends snapped a photo of it, according to Italian news sites.
Located approximately 20 miles north of Naples, Capua is a town of almost 19,000 people. On Monday night, December 15, witnesses claimed they saw a bright cylindrical object over the town of Capua. Some went on saying that the light could be observed all over the town. Other said that the brightness of the light could be seen anywhere in the country.
While in Tifata Hills, in the community of Sant’Angelo in Formis, a group of friends had taken a picture of the object. The picture shows a bright, yellow, cylindrical object, the same description given by witnesses across the town. While caution has been given by the news websites saying that all UFO cases need to examine carefully before making any assumptions, they also report that witnesses are very much convinced they saw out of the ordinary activity in the sky that night.
An Italian news website claimed that UFO sighting in Capua area is not new, though no reference has been given to the other sightings. It also asserted that 2014 was a year of UFO sightings in Italy and more in the entire world.
Aside from the picture, no other details have been provided regarding the sighting or the movement of the object. For now, the best thing to examine about the sighting is the picture.


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