Sceptics Report UFO Sightings in Kings Heath

Aug 5 2008-FORMER UFO sceptics have bombarded the Birmingham Mail with reports of sightings of mysterious lights above Kings Heath and Moseley.

Scores of people said they had seen bright orange and red lights hovering inexplicably in the skies over south Birmingham on Friday, July 18.

But even more sightings have been logged since our story ran last week – the majority by non-believers who have changed their minds on the question of whether there’s anything “out there”.

Councilman Neville Summerfield, cabinet member for regeneration at the city council, was among the former non-believers forced to change their tune.

He said: “I was walking along Kings Heath High Street and saw a raft of people looking up. I thought ‘what’s going on?’ I looked up and there was a brilliantly coloured orange and red object, then there was another one.

“It was absolutely amazing. I’m not quite as sceptical as I was.”

Isha Chapman, of Bloomfield Road, Kings Heath, saw something the same night which has made her question whether there was alien life.

The 23-year-old housewife said: “There were lots of orange lights floating really high in the sky like Chinese lanterns, but in a direct line.

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