Russia Pursues New Space Program To Search For Alien Life Despite Budget Cuts

Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency, has revealed its intent to search for ET life despite losing 35 percent of its budget. The country plans to launch a number of spacecraft designed to find extraterrestrials, according to the draft that was disclosed to the public on Thursday, April 23. The project includes sending interplanetary missions and satellites to Earth’s moon and Mars. Russia’s space efforts come into doubt as it faces an economic crisis.
The Russia’s Federal Space Program (FSP) requires about 2 trillion rubles or $37 billion through 2025. The program is scheduled to be submitted to the government on June 10 this year.
Roscosmos Science and Technology Committee discussed the main items of the draft of Russia’s FSP and approved the project during its regular session on April 14.
Committee chairman Yuri Koptev said that the extremely minimal volume of budget financing should be noted to ensure the plans’ implementation related to the space activity of Russia. To improve the efficient use of budgetary funds in the development of competitive rocket and space technology products, the Science and Technology Committee advocated that Roscosmos develop the advanced project as the initial state of the development work before signing the state contracts for new development works, added Koptev.
Roscosmos’ General Director Igor Komarov said that the new space program would enable the nation to fulfill a manned mission around the Moon in 2025 and a manned landing on the natural satellite of Earth in 2029. In 2016, Roscosmos will collaborate on the launching of ExoMars mission with European Space Agency (ESA) to search for alien life on the red planet.

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