Alien hunters hail ‘archway on Mars’ as proof that empire of midget Martians once ruled the Red Planet

UFO spotters have claimed that the discovery of a strange looking arch formation on the surface of Mars is “proof” that a mini-Martian midget empire once lived on the Red Planet.

This astonishing suggestion was sparked when alien hunters noticed a weird structure in a picture snapped by the Curiosity Rover.

“It’s absolute proof that tiny intelligent aliens were in control of this planet,” wrote Scott Waring, publisher of the website UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring said the midget Martians would be just big enough to fit into the arch, standing six inches tall and three inches wide.

“Right now, people say this is just a rock,” he added.

“But decades into the future they will say these are alien artefacts. With time comes knowledge.”

There may be a more logical explanation. We know winds blow at speeds of up to 60mph on Mars, often carrying sand along with them.

Here on Earth, a similar process forms bizarre shapes over long periods of time, as sand-laden desert sands create weird shapes called ventifacts.

Could the same thing have happened on Mars?


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