Riddle of UFO Spotted in Sky over Mytholmroyd

By Suzanne Rutter

SPOOKY activity has been lighting up Calderdale’s skies.

Readers reported seeing strange lights flashing above Mytholmroyd on Monday between 8pm and 9pm.

Chris Granger, 45, of Vale Mill Cottages, Cragg Vale, said he was shocked to see six bizarre lights for two to three minutes before they disappeared. The ex-RAF avionics technician, said: “The bright yellow lights emerged from the cloud base in pairs and moved towards Hebden Bridge.

“They moved in a very erratic manner and did not display the flight characteristic of a conventional aircraft. Nor did they display the normal lighting array of a conventional aircraft – flashing white strobe, and red and green navigation lights.”

And Peter and Marion Ackroyd, of Cleveley Gardens, Mytholmroyd, also saw something spooky. Mr Ackroyd, 62, said: “I have no clue what they were. I thought they were balloons but they were going too fast and there was no engine noise at all.”

Last month residents in Hebden Bridge and Sowerby Bridge reported being woken by the sound of a UFO.

Teacher Sarah Smith told the Courier the mystery object circled Hebden Bridge in a slow 10-minute loop.

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