Telepathy and Alien Hybrids

Part 13

There is an aspect of alien society that is especially important and deserves mention. It is extremely significant that hybrids appear to bridge the gap between alien and human both in appearance and in communication. While the hybrids who look mainly alien (early-stage) and those who look half-alien and half-human (middle-stage) speak telepathically, the ones that look mainly human (late-stage) can speak both telepathically and orally. When the late-stage hybrids speak through their mouths, they are more communicative and more expressive than the aliens. One can speculate that the more human they appear, the more they display oral communicative abilities.9

Hybrids can engage in substantive and lengthy conversations with humans. They can impart information about their lives and about the society in which they live. Conversely, the can elicit information about human life and society. Hybrids usually dictate the manner and content of the conversation. On some occasions, a greater latitude can be given the abductee to ask questions and engage in a more in-depth questioning. One abductee had a hybrid who was essentially assigned to him (Personal Project Hybrid) who visited him from time to time. The abductee looked forward to these meetings because he could communicate telepathically with him. For the abductee, telepathic communication represented a complex form of information exchange on many levels at once. He said that he could hold conversations on multiple topics at the same time. In explaining something as prosaic as basketball rules, the hybrid could almost instantly understand the game by simply tapping into the regions of the abductee’s brain that contained that information. Therefore communication could proceed rapidly without having to take the time for long explanations. And, the conversation can take place on a deeper level with less superficial communication.

However, regardless of the more complex form of communication that hybrid telepathic contact might generate, the hybrids live in the alien-dominated society and their lives are ruled by that dominant culture. When abductees describe disagreements and clashes between aliens and hybrids, the differences between a subordinate society with a more complete human-like sensory abilities – hearing, tasting, smelling, and so on — and thus a fuller emotional range, and the more restricted non-hearing alien society are brought into sharp relief. For example, on one occasion, a hybrid was engaged in an argument with an alien over using an abductee as a special project. The hybrid was anxious, angry, animated, and stubborn. The alien was cool, logical, unruffled, and in control.

If late-stage hybrid emotions run the gamut from love to hate they can present special difficulties for the aliens. In one abduction event, an alien told the abductee they were having difficulty controlling the hybrids because their emotional needs constituted a serious problem that the aliens had not fully understood before they embarked upon their reproductive program. If this is true, the role of hybrid emotions looms as a significant problem for the aliens. What the final results will be of the mixing of these two types of beings is unclear.

9. For a discussion of hybridization and hybrid life, see Jacobs, The Threat.


The aliens (Insect-like and “Gray”) most likely represent a society that is based on very different sensate determinants than that of human societies. Their world appears to be group and service oriented. It is colorless, both literally and figuratively. It has less diversions, entertainments, and aesthetic content than human society. On board a UFO, it is apparent that the aliens lead a life of service and work in which individuality is subordinated to the group.

Their form of communication plays a significant role in the ordering of their lives and culture. Privacy and individual expression are either nonexistent or severely truncated. Telepathy both isolates and joins the aliens together in ways that are very different than in human societies. The quality of the aliens lives and the shape of their society as a whole is significantly formed by the role that the interplay between telepathy and a restricted neurology of the senses plays. It is a world in which humans would feel quite alien.

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