Pyramid-shaped Formations of UFOs Seen over Michigan Lake

At 6:54 pm EST, I looked out my back window and noticed 9 white dots in the sky. They initially looked like stars, but they were very low in the sky and it was still light outside.

I grabbed my camera and tripod and began taking pictures. They started in 2 formations, one with 5 dots (the left formation) and one with 4 dots (the right formation), both were pyramid in shape. Two of the dots in the formation on the right began to move towards the ground. They seemed to merge back into one dot, leaving what looked like 3 dots in the right formation.

The two dots at the top of the left formation split into 2 dots each and began to shift in their formation.

One of the orbs on the left began flying towards the right, crossed over top of the formation on the right and went behind trees and disappeared.

The orb on the bottom of the left formation then split into two orbs and then split into a third orb.

A set of 3 orbs then appeared in the middle of the left formation. Those 3 orbs proceeded to fly to the top of the left formation, then across the sky over the right formation, then disappeared.

The dots in the right formation faded away and eventually disappeared. Then by 7:49 p.m. EST, the last orb on the left formation disappeared.

None of these flew away, they just stopped shining.

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