Likho: Puzzling And Persistent Demon Of Mischief In Slavic Mythology

Among many fascinating supernatural beings known to the Slavic people is puzzling Likho (in Polish: ‘licho’), a demonic, one-eyed evil woman.

Was it a demon or evil deity? No one knows today, but it is important that Likho’s evil deeds have always been feared and never ignored because her mischief could affect anyone.

Based on stories of those who met this mysterious, walking disaster, Likho was an ugly, skinny woman with one eye in the middle of her forehead, which could destroy everything what it was looking at.

Other witnesses describe Likho as a little devil, shaggy, burdensome malicious creature living in the forests and fields, often responsible only for small mischief such as loosening the blade ax, breaking plates or hiding household items, which were much less harmful than those of the one-eyed woman.

The one-eyed female demon – Likho – was particularly fond of ruining human happiness.

Likho rarely appeared to people, but the demon continuously searched for places with people feeling and doing well.

This demonic old woman with pleasure and pure malice used to send down diseases, cattle plague, fires and frighten small animals.

Despite her nomadic nature, the one-eyed demon could stay weeks or years in the selected place spreading misery and disaster. In this case, the creature observed noble and good persons in order to bring them astray, making their minds totally confused or deprive them luck.

Likho is known as the master of temptation. It has the ability to successfully whisper to people lies day and night, which makes them believe they talk with their thoughts. Thus, they make bad choices and poor decisions that ruin their lives.

How can people protect themselves against evil deeds of the demonic female, Likho? In fact, we can only bravely and patiently deal with misery and wait until the evil demon will go somewhere else and leave us in peace.

Written by – A. Sutherland Staff Writer

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