Photographs From Apollo Project Apparently Contain Evidence Of Alien Life

It might be a small piece of proof, but the incredible images have caused extraterrestrial hunters to think something big. Earlier this week, NASA released new pictures of the Apollo moon missions, which astonished the world.
But no one got more excited than the online UFO spotters, who recently claimed the images featured smoking evidence of extraterrestrial life.
Alien researchers on the internet pointed out that there were at least three separate UFOs in the Apollo photos. They claimed the Apollo 17 mission went to the moon along with an ET craft. Also identified in the pictures was a UFO with dangling arms that apparently looking towards the Apollo lander.
The UFO had a metallic look and seemed to have a window facing the Apollo team. It’s considered as the amazing find and UFO hunters just don’t see the reason NASA doesn’t go into detail about the massive amount of proof that the public is posting.
UFO hunters also highlighted the presence of an array of pyramids and alien faces on the Moon’s surface. Those believers of the conspiracy theory, which says that the human moon landings were hoaxes, now got confused if we really landed on the moon.

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