A UFO Apparently Landed On Fire In London Road

A UFO apparently crashed in the middle of the road. It was seen on fire and concerned witnesses reprted it to Kingston Police. The police force has encouraged anyone with the knowledge about the bizarre object to come forward.
On October 17, Kingston Police posted a report about the subject matter on its Facebook page. It says that around midnight, a concerned citizen called them on 999 saying there was an unusual item on fire in the road.
London Fire Brigade and Emergency Response Team were dispatched to the scene. When they arrived in the area, they couldn’t believe what they had witnessed. The responding officers described the item as similar to a crash-landed UFO.
The police, on a serious note, asked anyone who has information about the object and how it ended that way to contact them on 101 and quote CAD: 525/17OCT15.
But many commenters of the Facebook post have brought Earthly speculation about the object. They said that the blue and red item wasn’t an alien object, but an upside-down pizza oven.

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