Photographed Orb UFOs by Oregon Witness

Sightings of extraterrestrial spacecrafts shouldn’t be new to us because there are different pictures made available by some people who have direct or indirect experiences with them. While most of which are real, some others are made-up. As the matter of fact, it’d be difficult to tell apart from a genuine UFO footage from any hoax. Therefore, determining which claim is for real has been the tasks of a UFO expert. Is the photographed orb by Oregon witness for real or not? Listen to the story here.
According to testimony in 65981 from the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database, one Oregon witness photographed a luminous orb in the sky. Such object appeared to split into numerous parts over a 5-minute period. The strange UFOs were apparent when he drove with a friend in the plains of Forest Grove at 8 p.m. on September 19, 2014. When it first appeared, he described the object as an enormous circular bright light hovering in the sky. As they apparently watched the object, it splits into multiple parts. Minutes later, it breaks into three orbs having the same shape and size.
The split object appeared to a triangle. The two split on the top, and the other one on the bottom. Five minutes later, it splits again forming an uneven pattern of four to five circles. About eight minutes later, it developed into six, and it stayed. The witness posted ten images with the MUFON report filed on May 30, 2015. Located in Washington County, Oregon, Forest Grove has a population of approximately 21,083. Please do not forget that most UFO sightings can be man-made or natural. Therefore, it is not only necessary to analyze the experience as described by the subject, but also employs high-tech devices that include spectrometer data and radar as well.

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