Nuclear War Alert: Do Aliens Try Saving America?

One of the persisting debates of all times has been about extraterrestrial existence and more importantly their presence on earth. Out of all alien discussions, centuries after centuries is about Ancient Aliens. According to the ancient theorists, aliens are as old as mankind, and they come to Earth where they were being considered as gods by humans. Not only did they live, but also shaped human civilization. But are there any pieces of evidence for this theory? During the nuclear war alert, the former astronaut claimed that aliens are trying to save America. The incident happened during the war between Russia and America. What are the proofs of the extraterrestrial species had come flying in their mysterious spaceships on earth and changed our lives forever?
According to the high-ranking officials, Edgar Mitchell is the sixth man to walk on the moon. During weapons tests in 1940, he witnessed alien ships. He said that UFOs were being spotted hovering over the first nuclear weapons test in the world that took place on July 16, 1945, in New Mexico. Ever since he landed on the moon’s surface, the NASA expert has frequently spoken about his conviction in aliens during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971. The white sands were being used as a testing ground to test the atomic weapons. Extraterrestrials were very much interested to know human military capabilities. The former Astronaut repeatedly reminds to people regarding his experience that aliens had been attempting to create a peaceful environment to earth instead of war. However, Dr. Mitchell reversed the statement claiming that the manned missile bases on the 20th Century, some officers of the Pacific coast admitted to him that there have been testing missiles frequently shot by alien vessels.
NASA officials were prompt to comment on the issue, stating that they do not track aliens or any form of extraterrestrials and are do not conceal alien life on earth, or anywhere for that matter.

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