British Think Tank Talks About Overthrowing a Martian Government

The British Interplanetary Society (BIS) was being founded in Liverpool by Philip E. Cleator in 1933. It is known as the oldest space advocacy organization in the world. Its aim is to promote and support space exploration and Astronautics exclusively. Last month, the British Interplanetary Society met last month to thrash out how an individual overthrows a Martian government. The members also tackle about other relevant matters. From the statements of the BBC, there are two short blocks from the Britain’s security service in London headquarters, MI6. The headquarter is a group of thirty men and women plotting to conquer the government.
Even though they make it comprehensible, the British government is not they are looking to overthrow, they stressed out that it will be a tyrannical alien administration in the future. Speaking about the task at hand, the BIS is far-reaching about it. In fact, the meeting was the 3rd annual Symposium on Extraterrestrial Liberty. It started in 2013, and it is a group of conferences to explore the ideas of governance and freedom for human space settlements in the future. “What is Freedom Beyond the Earth?” is the first conference. It is about the idea of freedom in space. The second event called “Human Governance beyond the Earth,” is about extraterrestrial governance, freedom of press and speech in the extraterrestrial environment, economic and political systems to extend liberty into the space, constitutions, policing and legal systems in space.
The third is the “Dissent, Revolution and Liberty in Space,” which addresses the inquiries of the ways to prevent the severe extraterrestrial environment promoting the coming out of a coercive security apparatus. Charles Cockell is a professor of Astrobiology told the BBC that they will be discussing the consequences if what happens if a person did not appreciate the government. The group of thinkers collaborated to ponder these inquiries includes engineers, scientists, philosophers, writers and social scientists.


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