NFL star Baker Mayfield claims he saw UFO ‘drop straight out of the sky’ while driving home from dinner in Texas

NFL star Baker Mayfield has sparked a debate among his Twitter followers after claiming to have spotted a UFO.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback, 25, was driving home with his partner Emily after enjoying dinner when he spotted something strange in the skies.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield claims to have spotted a UFO
Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield claims to have spotted a UFOCredit: Getty Images – Getty

He revealed his tale on Twitter to his 770,000 followers claiming he is ‘almost 100 per cent’ he saw something drop out of the sky.

Mayfield wrote: “Almost 100%, Em and I just saw a UFO drop straight out of the sky on our way home from dinner.

“We stopped and looked at each other and asked if either of us saw it.

“Very bright ball of light going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis. Anybody else witness this?”

His partner further sparked rumours online by writing: “I won’t lie.

“I’m typically not someone who buys into UFO talk.

“But all I know is… I saw something tonight that I have never seen. And I’m a little thrown off.”

Although he is expected to receive some stick from his Browns team-mates, at least he’ll have Larry Ogunjobi in his corner.

When asked whether he believed in UFO’s, the late Maradona said: “Why make things up? Once, after a few too many drinks, I was missing from home for three days.

“I got home and said that UFOs had taken me. I said ‘They took me, I can’t tell you about it’.”

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