New Breakthrough – Time Travel Is Possible Says Nobel Prize Winner Kip S. Thorne – But There Is A Problem

If you could travel in time, would you like to go to the past and visit your ancestors or would you rather go to the future and see what our planet will look like?

People have been fascinated with the concept of time travel for ages and modern scientists keep discussing various possibilities how we can travel through time. Some experts say we should forget time travel because it’s simply impossible. Others disagree and suggest time travel is possible  through entangled wormholes but we cannot return from the past to the present.

Catching a glimpse of the past sounds like a nice idea, but unless you’re a real ancient history buff you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the past forever, would you? Sooner or later one would like to return to one’s own timeline.

New Breakthrough – Time Travel Is Possible Says Nobel Prize Winner Kip S. Thorne – But There Is A Problem

Another time travel problem involves time dilation that you experience when you travel close to the speed of light.

Time dilation is a physics concept that is based on the idea that as you move through space, time itself is measured differently for the moving object than the unmoving object.

As mentioned earlier on, “time dilation means that if you’re traveling in a spaceship at high speed, moving very quickly from Earth, time inside the ship would slow down in comparison to that on Earth. You could do a flyby of a nearby star and return to Earth at nearly the speed of light, and a few years would pass on Earth while possibly only a few weeks or months would pass for you, depending on how fast you were going and how far away the star was.”

time dilation

How can we avoid all these time travel problems? Is it at all possible?

One expert says he has found a time travel solution that may actually work. Kip S.Thorne, an American theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize Winner has come up with a theoretical method for time travel. His solution involves black holes, a wormhole, and the stretching of space and time.

In an interview with Closer To Truth, Thorne explains time travel could be possible if we could use a wormhole whose two ends are respectively situated near Earth and the surface of a black hole. A black hole is a special region of space from which no matter or radiation can escape. A black hole is a result of the extreme curvature of space by a massive compact body.

Previous studies have revealed that black holes stretch and distort space-time, which means that time moves slower inside these huge black monsters.

“If you have wormholes then if you move the mouth of one wormhole down near the surface of a black hole time flows very slowly there compared to the rate of flow of time back here on earth.

So the two mouths get out of sync. The mouth of the wormhole sits down the surface of the black hole and it sits there with only a few hours passing while up here on Earth a billion years pass.

So we on Earth can then go down through the wormhole and can come out with the surface of the black hole a billion years earlier.

It can then come out and go back up in the external universe a billion years earlier,” Thorne says.

It all sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s very a very complicated process and we don’t possess technology to master such a time travel journey. While running experiments with his students, Thorne discovered that our time machines would self-destruct.

Is Time Travel Possible? Scientists Explore the Past and Future

“I was forced to realize that there’s a universal mechanism when you are trying to turn a wormhole into a time machine in this way – a universal mechanism that always creates a violent explosion that very likely destroys the wormhole right at the moment when it begins to make time travel possible,” Thorne says.

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Thorne discovered that traveling through the wormhole would lead to death. “The warping of space in a wormhole is so intense – it’s like the warping of space in a stretched rubber membrane. The wormhole wants to shrink and pinch off. So when you try to travel through you die,” Thorne said.

So, making a long and complicated story short – we now known that time travel may be possible in theory, but is not possible with human technology created in this century.

Not to mention we will also need to find a wormhole close to earth and a black hole. Who knows, maybe one day our future generations will be travel trough time, but as it looks now we have to stick to science fiction books if we want to move through space and time.

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