Nearly Formed United Nations UFO Committee

Before releasing emails and email attachments sent to and from the private email server of Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks had tried to prove that the U.S. government was interested in monitoring UFO activities in different parts of the world.
In 2015, WikiLeaks released more than 500,000 U.S. State Department diplomatic documents dating back to 1978. These documents have detailed information about the country’s monitoring of all things that are extraterrestrial.
A known UFO enthusiast, Grenada Prime Minister Eric Gairy had made concerted efforts to establish a committee in the UN for UFO investigation. Gairy, who was of particular interest to the U.S., could have seen that committee to fruition, one cabal reveals.
Interested member states were invited by the General Assembly to take appropriate actions in coordinating scientific research and investigation into ET life, including UFOs, on a national level. The General Assembly further invites interested member states to inform the secretary-general of all activities that had something to do with extraterrestrial life together with the observations, research, and evaluation.
Unfortunately, the plans did not push through after Gary was overthrown in 1979. On the other hand, it might change if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. Recently leaked emails from members of Hillary’s inner circle reveal that she is very interested in UFOs. She promises to declassify UFO documents if she becomes the president.
Hillary could revive the plans for a UFO committee if she gets elected. The possibility could give her the coveted conspiracy vote this November 8 presidential election.

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