NASA SOHO Image: Fleet of UFO Motherships Flying

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) remains a government agency that still provides an amazing sense of wonder. In recent years, many do not see what NASA does as being all that spectacular. Perhaps NASA has done its job so well that many take the ability to travel through space completely for granted. During the early days of NASA, however, the American public consciousness was completely mesmerized by the ability of legendary astronauts to travel beyond the big blue marble we call earth.
Streetcap1 is the name of one YouTube UFO hunter who reported seeing a fleet of huge alien motherships hovering on NASA’s SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) image on July 27, 2015. According to Streetcap1, the SOHO image shows three identical huge alien spaceships hovering. While skeptics often dismissed such sightings as supplementary blotches in NASA space images, however, UFOlogists persist that the pictures portray a consistent pattern, making it impossible to ignore or deny their presence in SOHO images.
Another UFO enthusiast named Juz Staina, challenges the image arguing that the identical structures are not by chance. Streetcap1 had also inquired NASA, claiming that anomalies in NASA images have a particular structure that cannot be dismissed. In fact, the object has a structure, and if NASA rejects it, it becomes an insult to people’s brains. Commenting on the sighting, an editor Scot Waring notes that aliens start moving fleets, something big is up.
Among UFOlogists, it has long been their agreement that the major mission of alien around the Sun is to gather energy. According to them, frequent reports in the solar atmosphere are due to energy-hungry and technologically advanced civilizations farming for its energy. According to Ufologists, NASA knows about the interstellar traffic in tapping energy from the Sun but is not capable of doing anything about it.

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