Flashing UFO Hovering Above Manchester: Is It an Alien Invasion?

Believe in extraterrestrials? The theories of UFO’s have become more and more popular day by day. The popularity is due to the increase sightings being reported by different people all over the world. Some people use their science-fiction minds to categorize the alien beings visiting from space as imaginations. Some people use their politically influenced minds and see the strange sightings as experiments of secret government, either from the U.S. or rival countries spying on us. But when did this craze start? And what might these strange objects be? No one knows why these strange sightings appear, but what some people know is they are just they’re in a minute and disappear after.
In the sky above Manchester, four bizarre flashing lights have been reported – prompting theories of an impending alien invasion. The alien invasion is a science fiction theme, film and stories, in which extraterrestrials invade Earth. The purpose of invading is either to supplant and exterminate human life, enslave it to harvest humans, steal planet’s resources, or destroy the entire world altogether. The mysterious footage shows four yellow lights luminously flashing several times as they hover in the air. Behind the strange objects, the sky has turned into a blue-yellow color, punctuated by white and thin clouds. According to the information uploaded on the video, the footage was shot in Manchester even if the exact location is unambiguous.
To strengthen the sighting, one person residing in Coventry was so convinced that he had seen extraterrestrials earlier this month. The strange sighting was seen hovering over the East Midlands city after the observation of a bizarre blue light. On a YouTube titled ‘UFO Coventry’, Anthony Powell posted three clips, each showing a blue light, clearly noticeable past the street lamps over the garden fence. Until science can prove anything, keep your mind open to explanations because we still don’t know what they are!