NASA captures mysterious UFO’s approaching the Sun

Check out these incredible images. In NASA photographs, captured by SOHO, we see a number of strange objects that appear to be traveling towards the sun.
One of the most incredible images is without a doubt, that of an ‘angelic-like’ UFO, clearly seen travelling towards the Sun. The object in question is humongous, but what is it?
Is it possible that this is, in fact, a real Alien Space Ship? Sceptics say no, but Ufologists are convinced that we are looking at one of the best pieces of evidence of Giant Alien structures in our Solar System.

What are these mysterious objects? Are they giant Alien ships that are harnessing energy from the Sun as many ufologists suggest?
Sceptics believe they are not, and point towards camera malfunction and dead pixels present in some of the images. But the truth behind these incredible images is far more fascinating that anyone is willing to accept.
To check out the image of the Angel-like UFO, please visit the following link.
Whether or not this ‘object’ is in fact just another camera malfunction or not is up for debate. But as many people have said, in regards of the mystery UFO, the shapes are seen in the image (and video= don’t tend to occur naturally.
UFO Hunters firmly believe that the object, which is seen in numerous other NASA images, is, in fact, a piece of highly advanced alien tech.
But the Angel-like UFO isn’t the only one seen in NASA images. In fact, there are plenty more strange images that are difficulty explained.
Another one of those images is that of a mysterious cube-shaped structure which appears to be coming out of the sun.
The Image made available through NASA’s SOHO and EIT camera, ufologists believe to have spotted a strange object that appears to be exiting the Sun.
As strange and crazy as this may seem, you can clearly see an object, huge in size, exiting the sun and then moving out into space. Interestingly, the cube-shaped structure coming out of the sun is blocked by NASA in the following images.

While we admit having seen many strange looking objects near the sun, some of them appeared to be moving towards it and disappearing shortly afterwards, there are many other images that are perfectly explained. Most of the time, the explanation is dead pixels or camera malfunction.
However, the image of the Angle-Shaped UFO, and cube-like object ‘exiting’ the sun are two of the most mysterious images that have been spotted by ufologists.
Their purpose, origin and path are a true mystery and we should look out for more of these enigmatic objects near the sun in the near future. Perhaps one day, we will understand what their true meaning and purpose are, until then, let us know what you think these two incredible UFO’s near the sun really are.

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