Mining complex on the moon? UFO hunter claims structures visible on lunar surface

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted a mining complex on the surface of the Moon.

Streetcap 1, which posts extraterrestrial-related and other paranormal videos on its YouTube page, purports a series of objects in a video could be a mining complex on the lunar surface.
In the video, Streetcap 1 says: “Can you see those buildings? They are in Tycho Crater on the moon. That’s quite amazing isn’t it?”

Commenters on the video, which has over 5,000 views, seemed to agree with the findings. “Nice find mate,” Thomas Mundt wrote.

Another commenter, Kristin Bacon, wrote: “[T]his is a great pic. definitely something going on. no one can say that dosnt look like a mining complex of some sort. i would love to go to the moon and look around lol”

A third commenter, going by the name of Clint Steel, wrote: “I do believe there are structures on the moon but what i think is happening here is pixelization of some kind with any white patches on the surface. The pixelization is even subtly there on the darker areas. Can you show us a white patch that doesnt pixelize like this?”

This latest video, which was published on July 29, is the latest in a series of videos from Streetcap 1 about unexplained anomalies on the Moon.


Others have also purportedly found inanimate objects on the lunar surface, though none have ever been proven.

In May, UFO researcher SecureTeam 10 claimed to have spotted an “alien tank” on the surface of the Moon.

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