Mysterious Unexplained Deep Hole Discovered On Mars Near The South Pole – A Crater Or Collapsed Pit?

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has observed a mysterious, deep hole on Mars.
The formation which is deeper than average holes on Mars is located in an area of the planet nicknamed “Swiss Cheese” because of its pockmarked ice fields.
We have learned a lot about the about the Martian landscape since the launch of NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2005.
The mission has been a success and we have gained valuable information about the Red Planet’s soil, the geography, and even the places where water most likely flowed free on the surface of Mars at one time, but there are still several things we do not know and cannot explain. The recently discovered hole near the South Pole is currently a Martian mystery.
According to NASA, this observation from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show it is late summer in the Southern hemisphere, so the Sun is low in the sky and subtle topography is accentuated in orbital images.
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More About Astronomy
It’s a massive pit, but astronomers do not know how it was created. One possibility is this is an impact crater. If it is a crater caused by an asteroid striking the planet, much of its character has long since worn away. Another possibility is we are seeing a collapsed pit.
For now, the mysterious hole remains an anomaly, but hopefully a scientific explanation will be presented in the near future.

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