UFO Reports

Sometimes strange things passed unnoticed. Other times, the phenomena are so bizarre that they are widely publicized and investigated. These UFO reports represent some of the most popular, puzzling cases of the past century. Take a look at these articles to learn the wide range of experiences that UFO witnesses have reported.

With all the time they spend in the air, it’s not surprising that pilots have seen strange things flying around.

The 1986 Alaska UFO marked the arrival of a giant mothership.
Many scientists have investigated and tried to understand the nature of the UFO experience.

Astronomer J. Allen Hynek spent much of his life researching UFO phenomena.
The UFO classification system sorts various phenomena into different categories.
Can science explain psychic contact with UFOs?
Did you know that some celebrities have seen UFOs?

Senator Russell’s UFO appeared while on a trip in Russia.
Ronald Reagan’s UFO sighting happened while flying back to California.
Jackie Gleason’s UFO encounter occured on a secret military base.
Some witnesses report not only seeing UFOs, but being abducted by them.

Alien abduction stories range from the pleasant to the ghastly.
The Barney & Betty Hill abduction is probably the most famous abduction tale.
Several people were taken aboard the 1975 North Dakota UFO and returned to their car later in the evening.
According to some reports, UFOs have damaged property and even injured the people who witnessed them.

Stephen Michalak suffered burns in the Falcon Lake incident.
A few witnesses have UFO burns from their encounters.
Two women got symptoms similar to radiation poisoning after the Cash-Landrum UFO incident.
The 1980 Rosedale UFO emptied a water tank and scorched the grass.
A car was damaged by the 1979 Minnesota UFO flying overhead.
Occupants of the North Hudson Park UFO dug up someone’s lawn.
While the modern UFO craze began in the U.S., UFOs have also been reported in Europe.

Angel hair UFOs came floating through the town of Oloron, France.
The Rendlesham Forest incident took place over several days in England.
The pilots of the 1965 Valensole UFO ­used a device to temporarily paralyze a witness when they landed.
Thousands of spherical bodies crossed the sky during the 1808 Sw­eden UFO encounter, which lasted for several hours.
There’s something about the wide-open skies of the West and the Midwest regions of the United States that attracts UFOs.

The 1897 Lake Elmo UFO encounter was one of many seen that winter.
Olden Moore spotted a UFO near his home in Montville, Ohio.
The 1964 Socorro UFO encounter was serious enough that Project Blue Book investigators came to the site.
Authorities said the 1957 Levelland UFO was a form of ball lightning.
The 1973 Missouri UFO sighting happened right outside the witness’ house.