Mysterious Large And Heavy Coin Treasure From The Baltic Sea Displayed For The First Time

– For the first time, ever a mysterious coin treasure found in the Baltic Sea is showed to the public.

These metal coins or rather plates are from the 1700s and they are really huge! It is the largest sheet metal coin collection ever found in the Baltic Sea.

Our lives have always been manipulated by money. For 4500 years, human life was controlled and even manipulated by money. Ever since ancient times, money has played a central role in the people’s lives, regardless of whether payment has been rare shells, worthless iron coins, small springs or stamped precious metal pieces.

Ancient coins varied is shape and size.

In 2006, diving club made an unexpected discovery of old metal coins in the sea off Sternö in Karlshamn, Sweden. The Coast Guard made several attempts to find more underwater treasures in the area, but failed.

In 2008, a new attempt was undertaken and this time several large metal plates were found. The plates were lying lined up at the bottom and there was no sign of any container. As many as 82 metal plates have been discovered so far.

How the metal coins ended up in the Baltic Sea is still an unsolved mystery.

“We cannot say with certainty how it happened because it’s very far to the next shipwreck that is at the bottom. It’s possible the metal plates come from a yacht that went missing in the area sometime in the 1740s,” Marcus Sandekjer from the Blekinge Museum said.

Total weight of the coins is 92 kg. The reason they are so large and heavy is because they were deliberately produced to have the same worth in metal as they would have had in silver.

Copper is the first metal used by ancient man more than 10,000 years ago.

There was silver shortage in Sweden at the time and that’s why you had to make the plates in copper. The value of copper was much less than silver and therefore one had to make big coins. The largest of the plates has a weight of 20 kilos.

Researchers have worked for years to preserve the coins which is the reason they are not displayed until now.

Today the coins belong to the Blekinge Museum, but since they were found in Karlsham the Karlsham Museum will also have them on display later in 2017. If you plan on going on your own sea treasure hunt you should make sure your boat is capable for any type of water and weather. There are Azimut Yachts for sale that offer style and safety. An Azimut Yacht is capable of braving all seasons on the Sea.

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