Meeting With The “Tall White” Aliens In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma at that time was the growing interest in UFOs and aliens. Especially stories that happened near lake Arcadia.

Eyewitnesses the unidentified flying object became several people, so the authenticity of this incident, you can be confident.

S.: “on Saturday morning, August 24, 2013, we were fishing in Arcadia lake. I was not alone, with a friend. Suddenly beneath the surface, we noticed a giant bright and glowing object. He had a light green color with rhythmic flashing around the perimeter of the red and blue lights. UFOs in an instant flew out of the water and hovered over their camp for a few seconds and disappeared in the sky. I went to inspect the camp, but nothing much found. We are sure that we did.”

Many ufologists of the time interested in the anomalies of lake Arcadia in Oklahoma. Local residents asked about whether they had seen strange flying objects over the lake.

Linda Moulton Howe, reporter and editor of “Earthfiles” has an interview with Tyler Jones, who claimed to have encountered these aliens face to face. His farm is near the lake. This case happened to him in his youth 20 years ago. At that time the farm began strangely to disappear cattle. In one of the late nights, he and his brother saw a bright light outside the window, and left the house. After the farmer remembers that he lost consciousness and woke up on a table in an unfamiliar room. From fear he began to panic and scream, but the man standing next to him touched his forehead with his hand and comforted.

Tyler Jones describes creatures so:

“They look like people. I think that most of our Swedes. They have blond, straight shoulder length hair, blue eyes. Growth of about 7 feet. Their faces are angular, almost square jaw, lips like us. His head the back is longer than in humans. The skin was completely white, almost glowing.”
Description of aliens according to brothers match.

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