Encounter With Nordic Aliens In Ukraine

Nordic alien Ashtar

Three girls from Kiev — pensioner Vera prokofievna with a friend, an engineer Alexandra Stepanovna, and her six year old daughter went in the evening in the water Park. «Began twilight,- tells Vera prokofievna.- We approached the Dnieper channel and saw the boat, and in it three. They had clothes of silver color, no collar, sewn as a nightgown. Pale to the extreme, and exactly the same as the twins faces. Long blond hair color. Large, radiant eyes.

We asked: «are You traveling? Where?» They tell us in Russian with a strange accent answered, «We came from another planet. Where our planet is, that your mind boggles. When you’re like us, you learn. Every day we take one person from Earth to himself. And you also take. Here, next to our ship, we will show you».

One in front went, and the two of us, on the sides, as if escorted. We wanted to scream, to run away, but we are like a magnet pulled, and forces were not. When they looked at us, all over the body, like needles, stabbed. Alexandra was very pale, and I’m probably not looked better. We have been asking, so we did not pick up, we have family, children.

Through the trees I saw a white building, also silver color as their clothes. Like a plate, top with a round antenna. «Well, we won’t take, said these people.- Let’s find the others.» Went inside the «barrel», a ladder with three steps raised up, the door, herself, as the Elevator closed and the machine completely without noise, raising the wind, not vzmahnuv sand, quickly took off and soon turned into a small star…»

Leading researcher of the Department for physics of stars and galaxies Observatory, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, A. F. Pugach commented on this case: «a Woman stated seen and experienced quite clearly. For example, clearly stated that during takeoff the vehicle was not disturbed sand that the boat had no sails, oars and motor. Her message can be called «average picture of a contact with extraterrestrials».

Depressed mental state, a feeling of complete subordination to the «aliens». You will notice that we have in the country and in the United States compiled an extensive library of such descriptions… the Behavior of eneonatal typical: they do not Express emotion, did not respond directly to the question of where they are. So this case is not a figment of the imagination of women».


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